Trenbolone Review

Have you ever dreamed about being extremely ripped with a muscular body shredded to bones? We all have but we all know how extremely hard is to achieve such a body outlook. Not everyone have the genetics to look like that, not everyone has enough patience and dedication to reach such a body, and that’s why there are so many people resorting to steroids.

However, when we talk about competitive level, we need something even stronger and that’s why there are so many people who resort to Trenbolone – an extremely powerful steroid that is used by professional bodybuilders with great success for their physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Trenbolone is often thought to be among the most powerful steroids that you can find available and those who want to have a true change of their bodies and want to get their performance to the next level, they go for Trenbolone. This anabolic steroid is capable to completely change your physical appearance making you look like a bodybuilder in a matter of a few months.

What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone is an injectable androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) with huge potency. This is proven by the scientists who has done research on the compound and discovered it has extremely big anabolic and androgenic numbers on paper as well as by users of Trenbolone who discovered that is indeed super powerful capable to offer crazy results and benefits.

Trenbolone has been discovered many years ago and it was made for growing the lean muscle mass of cows and other animals. That’s why Trenbolone is officially used only in veterinary purposes, to grow mass of cattle. Nonetheless, is still remaining an extremely popular steroid for athletes who want their weight lifting performance to greatly increase.

The compound works on a hormonal level like nothing else. Most other steroids do not even stand near the potency of Trenbolone and that’s why, if you want to use some “heavy artillery” then Trenbolone is what you need.

The compound is induced in the body by injection in the muscles and when you would use it, you would feel it working extremely fast and feel it working like nothing else. People who used steroids said that this is the most powerful compound, which they get help from, even if they plateaued from gains after using the steroids.

With big anabolic activity, offering protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, this product would help users to increase performance and grow huge muscle mass in a very short period of time.

Trenbolone offers crazy androgenic and anabolic effects, that’s why you grow and get stronger helping you more compared to almost any other steroid.

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Some of the most noticeable effects of Trenbolone include:

  • Huge muscle growth
  • Boost in strength levels
  • Helps burning body fat
  • Can be used both in bulking and cutting cycles
  • Has helpful psychological effects
  • Makes you ripped and shredded with muscles

Trenbolone that is often shortly called Tren is super powerful and being so immensely potent, the anabolic steroid is not recommended for beginners. Tren should be administered only by people who previously had experience with steroids and they should use it very careful, otherwise it may offer negative effects.

  • Trenbolone has anabolic to androgenic ratio of 500:500 whereas Testosterone’s anabolic to androgenic ratio is 100:100 making it 5x times more potent than the already powerful hormone – Testosterone. Other than that, Trenbolone cannot aromatize so it displays crazy anabolic and androgenic activity without estrogenic activity.

So, Trenbolone is highly anabolic and that’s a key element for bodybuilders and athletes who want to reach their performance and physique enhancement goals. It helps users to enhance red blood cells, boost protein synthesis and retain nitrogen – all being helpful for high level performances and bettering in body outlook.

  • Trenbolone is coming in 3 different forms. Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (or simply Hexa which was sold as Parabolan for humans).

Trenbolone is sold as Trenboxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. This is the best and highest quality Trenbolone compound that you may find. You may find it as Trenboxyl Acetate, Trenboxyl Enantahte, Trenboxyl Hexa or Trinaxyl – a combination of Trenbolone of all 3 esters.

  • Trenbolone Acetate is given to cattle and is also the shortest form of Trenbolone with half life of about 1-3 days. This is the most famous Trenbolone version for bodybuilders. Never had medical uses.
  • Trenbolone Enanthate is the mid form with half life of about 5-7 days. Never had any medical uses and is not used anywhere else than bodybuilding, but less famous.
  • Trenbolone Hexa (Parabolan) is the longest form of Trenbolone with half life of about 12 days or so. Is not as famous as Tren Acetate in bodybuilding but still used. Formerly was used for some medical uses in medical settings in humans as Parabolan, but then it were discontinued. Now is sold as Trenboxyl Hexa for bodybuilders.
  • Trinaxyl is the combination of all 3 Trenbolone esters in a single product, making it ideal for physique and performance enahncement purposes as it enters the system fast, and gets flushed out slow.


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In the end, which form to use depends only on you and your needs. The difference between them is in the half life only because ultimately, you receive Trenbolone which works the exact same way in the body, regardless which form you choose to use. They are all coming as injections (there is no oral Trenbolone) and the frequency of administrations (injections) depends on each form.

What is Trenbolone Used For?

As earlier mentioned, Trenbolone was used for treating some conditions in humans but nowadays no form of Trenbolone is given to humans for treatment.

Instead, Trenbolone is used for veterinary purposes for making the cattle grow.

Now imagine what this powerful compound can do to a bodybuilder. That’s why Trenbolone is used for physique and performance enhancement and is a very famous steroid for bodybuilders, athletes and various other sportsmen.

Looking at Trenbolone (Trenboxyl) from bodybuilding point of view (where Trenbolone is mostly used for) we can say that this is the steroid capable to give you extremely big results and benefits known to offer increases in muscle size and strength within a few days only. It could greatly help the individual to grow the muscle tissues significantly, offering huge boost in the body looks as well as making it powerful and full of strength. Giving more mental stability, the bodybuilder is getting more confident and is much more focused during the process of working out.

This anabolic steroid is famous because it allows users to grow muscle tissues in the time of burning layers of fat. It has unique properties with amazing anabolic action and that’s why is so helpful when talking about quick and extremely change when talking about the body’s performance as well as body’s appearance.


The effects of Trenbolone are noticed extremely fast (taken in consideration we talk about most famous version – Trenbolone Acetate sold by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals as Trenboxyl Acetate) and within a few days, you would feel it working, noticing results in a few more days up to maximum few weeks. Is impossible not to feel it working or to notice it offering benefits being such a powerful steroid that grows muscles whilst burning fat.

If you’ve been running a Trenbolone Acetate compound for a few weeks and you do not feel any effects and cannot notice performance and physical enhancement – you either don’t use it normally, or you’ve got a fake compound.

Huge boost in protein synthesis, red blood cells count, nitrogen retention all along with a perfect anabolic environment and many other processes in the body make Tren a compound that cannot be used without being noticed.

In fact, Trenbolone is also considered one of the harshest steroids too, with the nasty side effects. That’s why is illegal and banned in many countries. Some people consider that if you don’t get some side effects, that’s a fake Trenbolone. While that’s not true, indeed the steroid is so powerful that you may get side effects even at low dosages. You would look very powerful, growing a lot of muscles, making them defined and toned.

Your bodybuilding experiences would get high performance making you go to the next level of physique and performance enhancement with a lot much more energy and stamina. Physical and psychological effects that you receive from Tren would help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

What Are The Effects of Trenbolone?

The effects of Trenbolone are extremely big on a human body because of its ridiculously big potency. It has various effects on the body on a hormonal level and that’s going to greatly stimulate and boost some processes such as nitrogen retention levels carried by amino acids and protein getting synthesized very quickly and would inhibit others such as less cortisol level – the stress hormone that makes you add fat and generally, makes you more stressed.

The protein blocks would be developed a lot much faster, and the user would get the maximum benefits from the foods he eats and maximum benefits from the exercises that he’s doing during the work out sessions.

The body temperature is also very likely to increase. That’s one of the reasons why you are burning body fat much efficiently and faster.


But generally, Trenbolone users’ bodies are going through various effects. A Trenbolone cycle is extremely effective for growing lean muscle mass and that’s because of various different effects of this steroid on the human body.

How Trenbolone Cycle Affects Your Body?

With everything that was mentioned above, is quite obvious that many people may wonder: “How a Trenbolone Cycle would affect your body?” and answering that question we can say: in MANY various ways and does it very PRONOUNCED.

In the time of using Trenbolone steroid, you would get help from various effects that would be pretty evident during administration. Keep in mind that the compound is super powerful, an improper use is definitely going to lead to negative effects. But if you use it as should, Trenbolone – Trenboxyl can affect your body is an extremely helpful and positive way. It all depends on various factors such as the status of the bodybuilder, Tren dosage etc.

In the end, when you would administer it, Trenboxyl (Trenbolone) is going to bind to the androgen receptors as other steroids, but from that moment it has unique properties which would influence your system in various ways that can be related both to internal as well as external bodily functions.


Below, we won’t share all the list of effects of Trenbolone on the body because Tren simply affects your body in a lot of different ways. We would share only some examples of effects that this powerful steroid offers.

  • Trenbolone is going to offer a big enhancement in the protein block development in your system, this is going to offer a very big help in further development of muscle tissues, allowing your muscle mass and size to considerably increase. With boosted muscle tissue growth, the user is going to look as well as be stronger.
  • The huge androgenic activity makes Trenbolone one of the best things for growing strength. Being such a powerful androgen steroid, Tren is often considered one of the most helpful steroids for powerlifters and strongmen, that’s why is so popular for such athletes. Anyone who wants to increase strength and be powerful can use this AAS with great success.
  • This product is responsible for a huge increase in nitrogen retention and in oxygen levels that are carried to your muscles. As a result, users are going to retain more muscles during the low calorie diets and in the same time, they would get more energy levels. In a short time, the trainer is capable to show a high level performance because he’s getting less fat, more muscles and more oxygen.
  • Trenboxyl – Trenbolone has been proven effectively at burning body fat. Through the process of inhibiting those hormones responsible to make you add fat and increasing body fat temperature including various others processes, Trenbolone helps you maintain muscles and burn body fat.
  • Huge boost in recovery. After each intense workout session, the muscles are getting tired and fatigued. In gym, we tear our muscles. They need time to recover back. Tren is reducing the time required for the damaged muscle tissue to recover. This allows the user to work out much more frequently that in turn is offer much more and much faster benefits and results.
  • Trenbolone has been linked to a big increase in red blood cells count and that’s very beneficial for bodybuilders because RBC are carrying more oxygen to the muscles and that’s going to have a very positive effect on the entire body when talking about muscle growth, endurance and strength. By receiving more oxygen, the user is capable to deal much better with the stressful scenarios, making people less susceptible to get an injury, increasing endurance making them more powerful.
  • Except for everything that was already mentioned, Tren has been found an extremely effective compound when talking about reducing the water level in the body. That’s a very positive thing for most people who want to get a really good looking and aesthetic body. That’s because the reduced water retention is preventing the person to feel bloated and get the bloated look whilst increasing muscle size.

Trenbolone Results and Benefits

Trenbolone (Trenboxyl) is an extremely powerful steroid, one of the most powerful ones that you would find available on the body, and almost all of its effects are working for making you growing muscles (lean muscle mass), make you look ripped and big as well as increasing strength and performance. In addition to that, the compound is having an influence on your psychological status too. It’s going to make you become motivated, increase the needed aggression in the gym, more focused and with more energy – all of which is helpful for physique and performance enhancement.

That’s why, almost all the results from Trenboxyl – Trenbolone would be beneficial for bodybuilding purposes. After all, there are good reasons why this compound is so famous and widely used by sportsmen and athletes.

There are lots of different Trenbolone results and benefits that you may receive, they also may depend from a person to another, from the ultimate goals including other factors. We won’t share all the positive benefits of this compound here, simply because they are too much, but we would share some of the most commonly reported ones and most pronounced benefits.


Check them in the list below:

  • Tren is very famous steroid because of its huge potency and fast working. That’s why, the users of this anabolic steroid are capable to grow immense amounts of lean muscle mass and do it very fast. In a short period of time, the users of Trenbolone would pack on a good amount of lean mass offering the bodybuilder a good ability to reach high level performance.
  • Trenbolone steroid is very helpful aiding people to lose extra body fat. Fat layers would melt off allowing the body to get a more defined muscle outlook because there’s less fat covering those muscles. Trenbolone does it through various pathways, but one of the most important ones is the fact that the metabolism rate is greatly boosted by this AAS and this is what helps so much the user to lose the unwanted fat. There’s no way to go underweight with Tren because it doesn’t only work for burning fat, plus it makes sure to burn the “extra” body fat.
  • Because of more body fat lost and because of more lean muscle mass added, the individual may not see a huge difference in weight, but he’s definitely going to notice a really big difference in body appearance and outlook. The individual is going to get an increased vascularity too and all of that is going to help you turn from the “average guy” to the “guy from the fitness magazine cover”.
  • The compound offers more muscles and that’s itself makes you grow strength. But the steroid works on your muscles making them more powerful too. That’s why, you would get a big boost in your strength and power and therefore, your overall performance is going to get boosted. Taking in consideration that you would enhance your power performance, is quite obvious that you are going to reach high performance levels. You can lift more weights as you would notice that maximum strength levels are way higher than they used to be pre-Tren.
  • Is important to mention that Tren is helping with recovery times too as it would greatly aid your body with the healing processes. It would reduce the risks of receiving in-gym injuries but even if you do get them (which is unlikely with Tren) you would heal much faster. But most importantly is that it helps to recover from extensive training exercises. This allows you to work out more often and work out longer with more weights. The muscles require time to fully heal themselves. But with Trenbolone, this time is drastically reduced.
  • Nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increased energy levels, more red blood cells are only a few things that are boosted when Trenbolone is reaching your system. Being such a powerful steroid that works on many levels hormonally – you would notice it works psychologically and physically and you would notice the effects really fast.


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Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone does offer negative side effects and that’s a very well known factor.

In fact, Trenbolone is often seen as the steroid with some of the nastiest side effects.

The compound may offer such bad and intense side effects that very often, people choose not to use it.

However, that’s a mistake because learning how to use Tren properly, there’s a high chance that you either won’t get side effects at all, or they would be nothing worth to be worried about.

Trenbolone sold as Trenboxyl is indeed offering some of the nastiest side effects, but that’s quite obvious taken in consideration that is one of the most powerful steroid in existence and that’s why, is capable to offer some of the best benefits too. It all very much depends on you and your administration form.

Side effects, luckily, can be controlled, reduced or completely avoided. It depends on various factors such as your personal tolerance, experience with the compound, dosage, cycle length, either you add other compounds to the cycle (supplements, medicines, steroids etc.), your diet and workout program and many other things.

  • Trenbolone, in the end, is going to have many different impacts on your body as soon as reaching the system, most of them are positive, but with an improper use, they may lead to negative effects.

Exactly as with the positive benefits, some of the effects may be physical, others psychological, the same goes for the negative side effects, some might affect your body, others your mind.

But is extremely important to understand how this powerful anabolic steroid can influence you, that’s why is important to learn about the side effects and its influences and that should be done even before starting to use the compound.

Ultimately, the compound is considered way too powerful for steroid beginners, that’s why Tren should be administered only by those people who previously had experience with other steroids. If you go for Trenbolone (Trenboxyl), make sure to start slowly. Is extremely important to start with a low dosage and to pay a very special care, using it with guidance and carefully. Increase the dosage only if you have enough experience and you feel that you can tolerate and need more.

Remember that the highest chances of side effects to appear and making them being more intense are when you increase the dosage. Lower the dosage – lower side effects and vice versa.

In the end, here are some of the most commonly known and reported side effects that people experience when they are going through a Trenbolone cycle:

  • The increase in Red Blood Cells, as explained earlier, is a very good thing when talking about increasing endurance and lean muscle mass. However, Trenbolone may increase RBC extremely much – so much that it could lead to negative side effects. Trenbolone’s commonly reported side effect is increases in blood pressure (hypertension). Because of increased blood pressure, people may develop heart related issues and other health risks.
  • Trenbolone is known to highly increase the temperature of the body and that’s, as said, helpful for burning body fat and burning it faster and more efficiently. But on the other hand, with higher body temperature, the individual is having a decreased endurance to cardio exercises. Yet, is still very important to continue doing cardio, regardless of how bad it may become. Increased temperature is also leading to more sweating. That’s helpful in the gym, but it could be a very discomfort throughout the day, and especially at night. You may get night sweats, which increase the chances of getting insomnia, which is something that Tren already can offer.
  • This compound is affecting you emotionally As said, it could offer insomnia (and it gets intensified by night sweats) but it also could increase the anxiety, paranoia, depression and some of the most commonly reported side effect – increased aggression. That’s because Trenbolone is offering an extremely high androgenic activity. Trenbolone may offer various behavioral changes which may become a problem, especially with increased aggression.
  • Trenbolone is very closely associated with androgenic related side effects. That’s because it has a very high androgenic activity. They can be: acne, oily skin, aggression, hair loss including many others.
  • Women are not recommended Tren at all due to extremely strong virilization symptoms. Women are turned into men through masculinization getting deepening of the voice, menstrual irregularities, enlargement of clitoris, abnormal hair growth on face and body including many others.
  • Testosterone suppression is a side effect that can be associated with the use of any other steroids. Trenbolone, being so powerful, is quite obvious that can offer a big suppression. A PCT plan is extremely important.

Good news is that Trenbolone cannot aromatize and that’s why, no estrogenic related side effects would occur. But it has progesterone upregulation effects and that’s why, some people may develop mild gynecomastia.

Those are not all the side effects possible, but in the end, in order to stay away from negative side effects, is very important to learn how to use the powerful steroid Trenbolone sold as Trenboxyl.

Trenbolone Cycle and Trenbolone Dosage

Trenbolone (Trenboxyl) is a powerful steroid so is very important to use it very carefully. We highly recommend its usage only to those who previously had experiences with steroids and start with lower dosages because this is not your usual steroid – side effects can occur even at low doses.

  • Trenbolone Cycle is usually anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks with some professionals going as high as 12 weeks.
  • Trenbolone Dosage is usually anywhere between 150 mg and 550 mg per week with some professionals going as high as 700 mg per week.
  • Under no circumstances you should use it longer than 12 weeks or/and in dosages higher than 700 mg per week.


As a result, we recommend the following

  • For beginners, we recommend a dosage anywhere between 150-300 mg per week and cycle length of 6-8 weeks.
  • Intermediate users can go to dosages of 350-550 mg per week with cycle length of around 10 weeks.
  • Absolute professionals stay within the range of 500-700 mg per week for about 10-12 weeks.

How often you need to use Trenbolone depends on your Tren form. Trenboxyl Acetate is recommended to be used on a daily basis. Trenboxyl Enantahte 2-3 times per week while Trenboxyl Hexa should be used only once a week.

Regardless of Tren form, dosage or cycle length, is highly recommended to go for a Post Cycle Therapy protocol after you stop running Trenbolone.

This powerful steroid is often used in both bulking and cutting cycle as it can greatly help with both needs. What steroids to add with Tren depends on your experience and goals but there are lots of them that can be added.

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