Testoxyl Suspension

What is Testoxyl Suspension 100 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals?

Testoxyl Suspension by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Testoxyl Suspension by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Testoxyl Suspension 100 manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is the trade name for the water based testosterone suspension as the active substance. This means that the compound is offering testosterone in its purest form, without any attached esters.

Those searching esterified testosterones might find it on other pages on this website but those requiring extremely fast and extremely powerful testosterone they found the perfect product. Testoxyl Suspension 100 is the product that would make you grow extremely fast and that’s because of the fast increase in testosterone levels.

Testosterone Suspension might found as other trade names too, but Testoxyl Suspension made by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is perfect all round in terms of high quality and purity of synthetic testosterone offered and in terms of price. While other brands might offer high quality and high price or price with lower quality.

Testosterone Suspension is not different from esterified testosterones such as Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate or others since, in the end, you’re receiving synthetic testosterone. The esters are only delaying the release of the main hormone in the body after it got administered meaning that with each form of testosterone (regardless of what ester and either is esterified at all) you’re receiving synthetic testosterone.

The difference between non esterified testosterone and each ester is only in the time release. The non esterified one is offering the fastest release after it got administered. This means more frequent injections are required for maintaining stable levels, but the compound is faster flushed out of the body and is faster entering your blood system offering faster results.

In the end, synthetic testosterone is no different from the naturally occurring one. Is just synthetic made in laboratories, but when reaching the system, the human body cannot distinguish from the naturally occurring one and the synthetic.

So, using Testoxyl Suspension containing water based testosterone base or any other esterified testosterone form, you’re just increasing your total testosterone levels in the body. The increased testosterone levels is what leads to benefits or side effects.

What is Testoxyl Suspension 100 Used For? | Testosterone Suspension Uses

Testoxyl Suspension 100 containing Testosterone Suspension does not have any medical uses due to availability of esterified forms of testosterone which allows for less administration schedule. Water based testosterone suspension is only used for physique and performance enhancement and is still not very famous and widely used by athletes and bodybuilders due to the same reason, however some people still use the compound.

Why would someone require this compound then? Because this is the strongest testosterone which would help to rapidly increase the testosterone levels, with regular injections, the user would receive huge amounts of testosterone in short time and get amazing benefits very fast.

Every benefit is received from any testosterone form, but since this is the fastest and strongest, the benefits are received faster too. The very first benefit that is the most obvious too is the muscle growth.

Testosterone is offering a positive nitrogen balance and this helps muscle cells to retain more nitrogen offering more anabolic environment and therefore faster and more muscle growth. it helps to speed up the rates of protein synthesis as well which is helpful for same purposes.

Strength increases as well as improved athletic performance are also very worth noting here. Red blood cell count increase, more oxygen to muscles and faster recovery of muscles after training sessions must be mentioned too.

Testosterone is the main hormone and essential when it comes to building muscles and to increase strength level and athletic performance. No wonder every athlete is searching for ways to increase this hormone levels.

With Testoxyl Suspension, you’re going to achieve all of that extremely fast offering huge benefits overall when it comes to physique and performance enhancement.

How to Use Testoxyl Suspension? | Administration of Testosterone Suspension

Testoxyl Suspension is coming in water based solution, instead of oil based solution as esterified testosterone. Nonetheless, the compound still must be used by injection intramuscularly and due to no attached ester, the compound has a short half life and therefore must be used multiple times a day in order to maintain stable blood levels and get the desired effects. The half life is only about 4 hours or so.

Testosterone Suspension found in Testoxyl Suspension is administered in dosing ranging anywhere between 50 mg up to about 200 mg a day. This would make 350 mg up to 1400 mg a week which is covering all people’s needs. Most often, the steroid is used in doses of 700 mg a week and therefore meaning 100 mg per day.

Cycle lengths are usually shorter compared to esterified forms meaning about 4 weeks or maximum 6 weeks. This dosing range and cycle length would offer huge results.

Testosterone is very universal meaning that it can stack very well with most other steroids out there. This is the reason why you can use it with almost any steroid and for both bulking and cutting cycles.

You can try 50 mg a day for 4 weeks and then increase to 100 mg for 4 weeks if you can tolerate it. Then you can try adding other steroids too, depending on what exactly you need.

Testoxyl Suspension 100 Side Effects | Testosterone Suspension Side Effects

Testoxyl Suspension does offer side effects which is quite obvious since is such a powerful steroid. However, side effects are very dependable on the dosage and how exactly you use it. Improper use would definitely lead to nasty side effects while a proper one might reduce the side effects to absolute zero.

It very much depends on a number of factors and that’s why, before using the powerful steroid, make sure to know how to use Testosterone Suspension properly.

In the end, the side effects of testosterone suspension are only the side effects of too much testosterone in the body. Reducing the dosage is going to reduce the amount of testosterone and therefore the side effects.

Anyway, too much testosterone might lead to estrogenic side effects, androgenic side effects and others. They can be avoided or inhibited with the use of supplements, anti estrogens and other medications.

Remember that you also would suppress natural testosterone which means that not having a proper PCT plan at the end of the cycle might lead to low testosterone condition. There are other side effects which are associated with the use of Testosterone Suspension products, but they all can be avoided or lowered with a proper use.

Where to Buy Testoxyl Suspension 100 by Kalpa? | Best Testosterone Booster

Testoxyl Suspension 100 can be easily purchased directly from this website offering Kalpa Pharmaceuticals genuine products for the lowest prices. You’re going to get the fastest and best testosterone booster Testosterone Suspension that is water based and would offer huge results in terms of physique and performance enhancement in record times.

Testoxyl Suspension by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is a genuine product that can offer very big results in short period of time and you also save a lot of money by getting the compound made by Kalpa for the lowest price you can find.

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