What is Anadroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals?

Anadroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Anadroxyl is the trade name for the famous steroid Anadrol also known as “Abomb” and the compound got this nickname because each tablet is like a “bomb” in terms of effectiveness. The compound is offering Oxymetholone as the active substance and Anadrol is the most famous trade name for this ingredient since is the first trade name for the product, yet Anadroxyl is by far more affordable because of the price. Anadrol and Anadroxyl are only trade names for the same active substance Oxymetholone of the exact same high quality and purity.

Anadroxyl from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, however, is much affordable and saves you money. Kalpa Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that is known for producing high quality products for affordable prices so if you want a really effective steroid that won’t make you pay too much – Anadroxyl is perfect for you.

This compound is very famous in the bodybuilding world because is extremely helpful for bulking cycles when you want to get huge with a lot of muscles and strength. The compound had a lot of medical purposes too, it was even given to children but usually, it was a prescription medication for helping patients with malnourishment and growth problems to grow muscles as well as to HIV and AIDS wasting syndrome suffering patents.

In bodybuilding, this product is considered to be a cheaper alternative to the extremely famous steroid DianabolDbol and very often the 2 compounds are compared. Anadrol is considered to be a DHT derived compound but this shouldn’t make you think that you can use it for cutting purposes as other DHT derived steroids like Winstrol, Anavar and Primobolan. Oxymetholone, despite the fact that is DHT derived and cannot aromatize into estrogen, it still stimulates estrogen receptors and the compound is therefore having a high estrogenic activity.

Anadrol vs Dianabol

As mentioned, many people compare the 2 steroids. Anadrol is used for achieving the absolutely maximum power and strength but this compound is huge in offering bloating and water retention. Those huge guys that have big gains but still look very bloated are on Anadrol.

The compound is considered twice as powerful as Dianabol when it comes to packing mass, but you’re going to get twice as bloated and puffy too. Dianabol is the steroid for those who want to get harder gains with less side effects and less puffy look. Anadrol is for those who want to get extremely strong, big and want to do it all very fast.

Dianabol is much more preferred because few people can tolerate the side effects and actually want to get so bloated, but if you really want to bulk up for gaining huge amounts of muscles and strength then you need AnadrolAnadroxyl.

Anadroxyl – Anadrol Half Life | How Long Does Oxymetholone Stay in Your System?

AnadrolAnadroxyl is an orally active steroid that is coming in form of tablets. Taking this in consideration, the half life is “normal” but much shorter compared to injectable steroids. The half life is only 9 hours or so, so at least twice a day administration is required.

Remember that the half life is not the detection time. If the steroid stays in your system for about 18 hours after the last dose, detection time is a matter of months.

What Does Anadrol Do? | What Does Oxymetholone Do? | Anadroxyl Uses

As it was already mentioned, AnadrolAnadroxyl is offering huge estrogenic activity despite the fact that it cannot aromatize and this leads to huge estrogenic related side effects such as water retention, bloating and others and all of this is not suitable at all with cutting cycles when you want to get lean and shredded.

For this reason, Oxymetholone compounds like Anadroxyl are being used only for bulking cycles, after all, as mentioned, this is by far the best compound you can find for such purposes.

It offers huge results when it comes to bulking cycles such as increasing nitrogen retention, huge boost in protein synthesis, can help to lose a bit of body fat while increases muscle mass and is a very notorious steroid for increased strength levels.

This steroid is working as most other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors and from this moment it offers amazing anabolic to androgenic ratio activity.

Anadrol Cycle | How To Take Anadrol? | Oxymetholone Administration | Anadroxyl Dosages

As said, this is an orally active steroid that is C17 AA which means that is surviving through the liver but is stressful for the liver. Therefore, the compound dosage should be low and cycle length short.

AnadrolAnadroxyl is generally a very powerful steroid and that’s why the side effects can be really bad if you’re going to attempt abusing it. Dosages should be kept low because of the possible negative side effects.

Women are not recommended to use this powerful steroid but even if they do – 10 mg a day is maximum. For men doses are in the range of 30 mg and 100 mg a day but mostly 50 mg a day is the sweet spot. Is often stacked with other bulking steroids such as testosterone.

Cycle lengths are in the range of 4-6 weeks. You can try 50 mg a day of Anadroxyl for 6 weeks out of the full 12 cycle length with Deca 600 mg a week and Sustanon 500 mg a week. Add some form of anti estrogen medication.

Anadrol Side Effects | Oxymetholone Side Effects | Side Effects of Anadroxyl

Remember Anadrol was called Abomb? That’s because of the side effects too. Anadroxyl indeed might offer very nasty side effects and that’s even if taken in normal doses by hypersensitive people. Oxymetholone’s most famous side effects include: bloated face; blood pressure issues such as hypertension, gynecomastia, liver issues; acne; headaches; lower back pains and others.

Is very important to add liver supporting supplements, cycle supporting supplements as well as to have a good PCT plan because as any other steroids, this one is also suppressing the testosterone and this would lead to low testosterone condition if not having a PCT plan.

The side effects can be huge and really nasty especially if Anadroxyl or any other Oxymetholone compounds are going to be abused. Try to keep dosages low and cycle length short with healthy lifestyle and added supplements for keeping you healthy and staying away from nasty side effects.

Where to Buy Anadrol? | Buy Real Oxymetholone Online | Buy Anadroxyl by Kalpa

Anadrol or Anadroxyl manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals can be purchased for a very low price directly from this page. Anadroxyl is actually the exact same Anadrol but is manufactured by a different manufacturer company and therefore is offered for a much lower price. In the end, both these products are offering real oxymetholone which can be purchased online absolutely hassle free.

Is important to keep in mind that AnadrolAnadroxyl containing Oxymetholone comes like a loaded gun. While is indeed the best steroid which you can find for bulking cycles for getting you really huge and muscular with amazing strength increases, the side effects can be bad too. So if you want an ultimate bulking cycle go for Anadroxyl, but make sure to use it properly.

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