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What is Thyroxyl T3 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals?

Thyroxyl T3 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Thyroxyl is the trade name for the synthetic form of the thyroid hormone called TriiodothyronineT3 and the active substance in this product is Liothyronine or full name Liothyronine sodium – the name for the synthetic thyroid manufactured.

Liothyronine is the active substance in Thyroxyl as well as in the much more famous brand name Cytomel. Thyroxyl is manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and is offered for an extremely low price while maintaining the exact same high quality for the active substance Liothyronine which is found in the much famous brand Cytomel.

Liothyronine might be found as other trade names such as Tertroxin and others but Cytomel is the most famous one because it he first trade name for Liothyronine while Thyroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is the best because of maintaining the quality while reducing the price.

So, customers can save a lot of money by getting Thyroxyl instead of Cytomel or other trade names while be sure they get the amazing synthetic thyroid hormone which is used in medical settings for treating hypothyroidism (mostly) as well as myxedema coma including other needs. But the product is also very famous in the world of bodybuilding.

Liothyronine can be administered by injection into a vein or taken by mouth in form of tablets and tablets is by far the most famous and preferred method of administration taking in consideration that you simply can swallow a tablet instead of injecting it. Thyroxyl comes in form of tablets with a pack containing 100 tablets of 25 mcg of Liothyronine Sodium.

This compound has been approved for medical use back in 1956 and is nowadays mainly used for hypothyroidism. This is a condition indicating a reduced activity of thyroid gland and therefore reduced thyroid hormone numbers. Without enough thyroid hormones, a person is getting negative symptoms like weight gain, tiredness and others.

This product is increasing those thyroid hormones but make sure not to go on the opposite of hypothyroidism known as hyperthyroidism indicating too many thyroid hormones which is a condition that is also coming with bothering symptoms.

What is Liothyronine Used For? | What is Cytomel Used For? | Thyroxyl Uses | T3

Cytomel or Thyroxyl both containing Liothyronine Sodium T3 is a medication that is used for hypothyroidism in most cases, however it also can be used for treating myxedema coma, is pretty effective in treating major depressive disorders including some other medical uses.

But except for being used in medical settings, Liothyronine products like Thyroxyl are being used off label for weight loss purposes and that’s why the compound is pretty famous in bodybuilding settings.

The compound is working in a similar way as synthetic testosterone by increasing the overall thyroid hormones levels as soon as the synthetic T3 – Liothyronine found in Thyroxyl is being used (as synthetic testosterone is increasing overall testosterone levels when being used). As a result, your metabolism is going to speed up, demand more fuel and make you lose weight faster and easier.

However, also as synthetic testosterone which suppresses natural testosterone production, synthetic thyroid hormones would suppress the natural production of thyroid hormones too.

Using Liothyronine you are going to notice an increase of the uptake of nutrients into the mitochondria. This is a very favorable process when you want your body to start getting rid of fat faster and more efficiently.

That’s all because you get increases of ATP when using Liothyronine products regularly as well as an increase in metabolic activity which is making your body to burn more fat, more efficiently and faster. That’s one of the reasons why bodybuilders use Liothyronine T3 alongside with steroids.

The compound is notorious for helping the users to get rid of the last few % of body fat (usually when lower than 10% of bf).

How to Take Liothyronine? | Liothyronine Dosage | Cytomel Dosage | Thyroxyl T3 Dose

As mentioned, Liothyronine Sodium found in Thyroxyl or Cytomel is coming in form of tablets and a tablet of Thyroxyl T3 contains 25 mcg of Liothyronine which should be orally administered on a daily basis or even twice a day. Liothyronine Sodium has a half life of about 1.5 days and for maintaining stable blood levels, you need to use it at least once but usually twice a day.

Before using, you need to know that you should have a PCT plan exactly as with steroids. There are products called T3 PCT made specifically for such needs. That’s because, as mentioned, Liothyronine use would suppress natural production of thyroid hormones. You need to know how to handle the post use period with Liothyronine.

Also, in order to avoid muscle mass loss during the administration with Liothyronine, better use it with anabolic steroids. However, if some Liothyronine Sodium compounds were prescribed by your doctor for any health purposes – use the product exactly as prescribed.

For weight loss, there are 2 methods of administration – conservative including 12.5-25 mcg a day for 1-1.5 months with mild suppression, side effects and effectiveness or aggressive method including 50-75 mcg a day (split the dosage throughout a day) for 2-3 months which leads to higher suppression, more side effects but much higher effectiveness.

Liothyronine Side Effects | Cytomel Side Effects | Thyroxyl – T3 Side Effects

Side effects of Liothyronine Sodium T3 products such as Thyroxyl T3 or Cytomel T3 are usually dosage dependent meaning that higher doses would lead to more side effects.

That’s why we do not recommend newbies to start with the aggressive approach (second method). Side effects are dose dependent because, as mentioned, the compound is only increasing the overall thyroid levels and that’s it. The side effects, therefore, only occur from too much thyroid hormone levels which is the opposite condition of hypothyroidism known as hyperthyroidism.

That’s why, when T3 products are being abused, you are going to get side effects specific to hyperthyroidism and some of the most common side effects are: headaches; appetite increase; weight loss; stomach issues; excessive sweating; irritability and nervousness; insomnia; body tremors and shakes; heat sensitivity and many others.

Except for the hyperthyroidism related side effects (which usually are solved by reducing the dosage), remember about the thyroid hormones suppression. That’s why is so important to have a Post Use plan, otherwise you risk getting into hypothyroidism condition at least for as long as your body would start producing enough hormones on its own naturally.

Where to Buy Liothyronine Sodium – T3 | Where to Buy Cytomel Generic? | Buy Thyroxyl T3

Liothyronine Sodium T3 which can be found in different trade names can be purchased from this website being guaranteed that you get the highest quality product for a very affordable price. Cytomel is the most famous trade name but getting Thyroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals which is like a generic version of Cytomel is going to save you lots of money while you get the exact same product without any differences at all.

This product is used by people suffering from hypothyroidism in order to increase their thyroid hormone levels, however, a lot of people who want to lose body fat, especially bodybuilders, also use Thyroxyl with amazing success, especially when you already have a low body fat % and cannot get it lower through natural methods such as dieting and cardio.

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