Sustaxyl 350

What is Sustaxyl 350 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals?

Sustaxyl 350 produced by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals The Sustaxyl 350 is a drug from Anabolic Steroid class, which is primarily used for intramuscular injection. The Anabolic Steroid class drugs are artificial testosterone. Testosterone is a sex hormone for men. The exact phrase for this class is anabolic-androgenic steroids. Where the anabolic means – ‘muscle building’ and the ‘androgenic’ suggests enhanced male sex qualities. The Kalpa pharmaceuticals produce Anabolic Steroid class drug under ‘Sustaxyl 350’ brand name as per the GMP rules. This Sustaxyl 350 is an oil-based injectable, which is mainly used by bodybuilders and men who like a strong mussel. If you buy this drug, you will get 350 mg/ ml of Testosterone mixture. This drug will be beneficial for them who like to cut the muscle building cycle and come to business straight.

Chemical constituents of Sustaxyl 350:

The active substances or chemical constituents of Sustaxyl 350 are different testosterone esters. They are- Testosterone Decanoate 140mg/ml, Testosterone Propionate 42mg/ml, Testosterone Phaenylpropionate 84mg/ml and Testosterone Isocarpoate 84mg/ml.

Testosterone Decanoate:
It is an ester prodrug of testosterone. It contains a mid-chain fatty acid ring at the 17Beta position, which gives its ability. This component is used for the treatment of testosterone insufficiency. The dosages form will be intramuscular injection and oral capsules.

Testosterone Propionate:
This is also a synthetic testosterone ester and relatively low performing prodrug of testosterone. This substance was discovered in 1936 and in 1937 it was begun for medical applications. The benefit of this compound is to help increasing muscle size and strength while it decreases fat mass.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate:
It is an anabolic steroid synthesis and androgen medication. Testosterone Phenylpropionate primarily used as the medication of low testosterone levels for men. It’s also sometimes used for breast cancer treatment for women.

Testosterone Isocaproate:
It’s a synthetic testosterone ester and anabolic steroid synthesis and androgen medication. It can not work separately. So, it’s used as a compound of testosterone ester creation.

How to administrate Sustaxyl 350:

The way of administrating Anabolic Steroid class drug is oral pill, injection, gel or cream. But the Sustaxyl 350 will come as an injectable. It should be used as per the pharmacist’s prescription. The bodybuilders or athletes use these drugs to increase performance and enhance their physical representation. Because each of 4 testosterones present in the Sustaxyl 350 has various release time, so the Sustaxyl 350 has a long-term impact on blood levels and the human body. For this reason, fewer numbers of injections are needed. Usually, bodybuilders or athletes inject it once or twice per week.

Sustaxyl 350 Dose’s:

For bodybuilding purposes, this Sustaxyl 350 will be needed to injected twice every 7 to 10 days. The bodybuilders or athletes went through tough work out, so this dose is normal for them. As per the ‘Kalpa pharmaceuticals’, for Men it will 600-2000 mg/week. For other remedies, it will be one injection per 7 to 10 days. It’s strongly recommend that women should find alternative drug because Sustaxyl 350 contain strong Anabolic Steroid, which may change their delicate appearance.

Advantages of Sustaxyl 350:

  1. The advantages of Sustaxyl 350 are when it’s used as per the prescription and without the drug abuse-
    Increased mass force by elevating testosterone levels: This drug will help you to increase the mass tonsil force by elevating the testosterone levels of the human body.
  2. Increased muscle size and strength: proper use of Sustaxyl 350 will help you to Increased muscle size and strength.
  3. It will decrease fat mass: The Sustaxyl 350 will help you to reduce fat mass, though you eat and dring more fat and protein.
  4. The added energy level and performance boost: Due to the 4 testosterone mixtures present in the drug, you will feel energy boost always.
  5. Improved physical appearance: Injecting Sustaxyl 350 properly will result in the betterment of physical structure and appearance. For this reason, bodybuilders always like this drug.
  6. Profitable for bulking phases of training: With injecting this drug, you can go through bulking phases of training rapidly.
  7. Used for cutting cycles: Sustaxyl 350 also used to cut cycles for the development of the body.

Misuse of Sustaxyl 350:

If this drug is not handled with proper guidance and instruction, it’s called misuse or drug abuse. It includes injecting several times a week. Injecting multiple times, Mixing Sustaxyl 350 with another steroid drug, slowly increase the dose without consulting the pharmacist, etc. If the misuse continues for a longer period, it will damage the body. If still anyone continues, the damage will be permanent and may cause potential death. Always, administrator any medicine or drugs with responsibility and as per the instructions of the manufacturer and the pharmacists!

Side effects of Sustaxyl 350:

Although, using proper care and guidance- Sustaxyl 350 users may experience different types of side effects. Some of them are:

For teens:

  • Stunted growth: Due to this- bone growth stops too early.
  • Stunted height: If teens use injection without consulting an expert and they are not adults, generally before their growth spurt.

For men:

  • Aggressiveness: Due to the presence of a high testosterone level in the blood and body, the subject may show little aggressiveness.
  • Shrinking testicles: This will be a feeling first, then slowly the testicles shrink for real if you use this injection more and more.
  • Decreased sperm count: The sperm count decreases slowly, when you abuse or misuse this drug, or inject without the guidance.
  • Baldness: You can lose your hair before the normal age. This will be due to a side effect of Sustaxyl 350.
  • Development of breasts: Development of breasts will be noted for a few subjects due to the side effect.
  • Increased risk for prostate cancer: If you inject yourself with this drug without consulting proper expert, this brings a high risk for prostate cancer, if not stopped immediately.
  • For women:
  • Deepened voice.
  • Growth of excess body hair or facial hair.
  • Baldness.
  • Breast size decreased.
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Problems in the menstrual cycle

Concluding words:

Every drug is a potential poison if misused. So that the Sustaxyl 350. When you use any drug while having some knowledge about it, that drug won’t be so much harm to you. The Sustaxyl 350 by Kalpa pharmaceuticals is the most trusted injectable steroid by the athletes and bodybuilders. They will find it’s truly useful, or they just drop it away immediately.

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