Testoxyl Propionate

What is Testoxyl Propionate by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals?

Testoxyl Propionate 100 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Testoxyl Propionate is the trade name for the famous anabolic and androgenic steroid Testosterone Propionate which is offering the highest quality and purest synthetic testosterone with Propionate ester attached. This is one of the many esterified forms of Testosterone and is in the top 3 most widely used forms of testosterone for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Testoxyl Propionate 100 is manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and while this AAS can be found being sold as many other trade names, Testoxyl by Kalpa is the highest quality and the lowest price. Other trade names offering such a high quality synthetic testosterone are usually much higher priced. Therefore, with Testoxyl Propionate 100 from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals you save a lot of money while get a genuine product that is going to work wonders.

As mentioned, Testoxyl Propionate offers Testosterone Propionate – one of the many esterified forms of testosterone but this is known to be the first one ever created and the shortest esterified form (non esterified would obviously have even shorter release). The ester is responding for a delayed release and different esters have different release times.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what’s the esterified testosterone that you use – you receive synthetic testosterone that is no different from the naturally occurring one in the body. Synthetic one is made in laboratories and when is administered the individual is increasing the total numbers of testosterone.

This is going to offer a lot of different benefits. There are a lot of people trying to increase their testosterone levels – with this compound you can do it very fast and efficiently. Since the compound increases testosterone levels when administered, it is having multiple medical uses such as being used for hypogonadism as well as many other needs like treating breast cancer and others.

In bodybuilding this compound is very famous and popular for increasing muscle mass, fat loss boost and lots of other benefits.

How Long Does Testoxyl Propionate Stay in Your System? | Testosterone Propionate Half Life

Testoxyl Propionate is staying in your system for approximately 2-4 days and that’s because of the short based Propionate ester. This means that this steroid is quickly going to enter your blood system reaching peak levels and would quickly get flushed out. The half life for testosterone propionate is only 20 hours according to some sources and up to maximum 3 days according to others.

Testoxyl Propionate, having the shortest half life compared to other synthetic testosterones is coming with some advantages and disadvantages. Based on them, people decide which form of testosterone they actually want to use.

What is Testoxyl Propionate Used For? | What Does Testosterone Do?

Testoxyl Propionate is mainly used only for physique and performance enhancement purposes and that’s because this product is rarely used in medical settings due to the availability of longer based testosterones such as testosterone cypionate or enantahte allowing for a less administration schedule and in the end – you just get testosterone.

This anabolic and androgenic steroid is extremely famous because is a well known fact that testosterone is the most important hormone for growing muscle mass, increasing overall performance as well as strength levels including fat loss aid and getting an amazing body muscle definition.

This hormone is very important for everyone who is searching for physique and performance enhancement and that’s why is so widely used by bodybuilders, athletes and fitness models.

Regardless of the ester, there’s a very high chance that the big guy in your local gym has used synthetic testosterone. Testoxyl use would offer huge and almost permanent increases in muscles, in muscle mass, function, size as well as strength. It greatly helps with endurance, prevents osteoporosis, offers a general well being state, boosts sex drive, red blood cell production and lots of other benefits.

Testoxyl Propionate Dosage | Testosterone Propionate Administration

Testoxyl Propionate, as mentioned, has the shortest half life compared to all other esterified forms of testosterone. For this reason, Testosterone Propionate is used more frequently compared to other forms of testosterone in order to maintain stable blood levels and get maximum effectiveness.

This is an injection steroid that must be used intramuscularly once a day. Taking in consideration that one ml of Testoxyl Propionate contains 100 mg of Testosterone, one ml per day is going to be more than enough to offer huge results.

Those people who just started using steroids might go with doses of 50 mg a day meaning half an ml per day and that would be 350 mg per week. Taking in consideration that some aggressive bulkers go to doses as high as 1400 mg a week, only professionals should attempt doses higher than 1 ml per day.

Cycle length is usually shorter compared to other forms of testosterone and that’s going to be approximately 8 weeks or so. Since testosterone is an extremely universal steroid – you are going to see Testosterone being added to almost any given anabolic steroid cycle.

Therefore, Testoxyl can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles and can be stacked with any given steroid of your needs depending on what cycle type you need.

Testoxyl – Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

Testoxyl Propionate 100 containing Testosterone Propionate is offering the exact same side effects are any other esterified form of testosterone since in the end, you’re just receiving testosterone that is going to work no different from others.

The only difference is that side effects may be more intense but they would last less since Testosterone Propionate is quickly entering the system and quickly gets flushed out.

In the end, receiving too much testosterone is obviously going to offer side effects and some of them include androgenic and estrogenic side effects since testosterone is getting converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is aromatizable into estrogen.

Some negative effects on cholesterol numbers and some negative effects on cardiovascular health are possible too but it greatly depends on a number of factors. Also remember that your natural testosterone production would get inhibited while using synthetic testosterone so is mandatory to have a good PCT plan.

The side effects are greatly dependable on the dosage, that’s why is always a good idea to keep dosages as low as possible. Also, having a healthy lifestyle is also a very good idea exactly as it is to have anti estrogens handy as well as to use cycle supporting supplements.

Where to Buy Testoxyl Propionate by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals? | Get Testosterone

You can get a very high quality synthetic testosterone for a very low price directly from this website being sold as the brand name Testoxyl Propionate 100 manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. This is a pharma company known for offering very high quality products, steroids and medications that never have lower quality than the one required by GMP and in the same time, the prices are affordable to everyone.

Testoxyl Propionate containing Testosterone Propionate would be one of the best anabolic and androgenic steroids you can use for both bulking or cutting cycles as well as for any other physique and performance need – be it fat loss, muscle mass increase, strength increase or simply if you want to get an amazing body look.

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