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What is Boldaxyl 300 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals?

Boldaxyl 300 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Have you ever heard about Equipoise? But Boldenone? There’s a high chance you did if you ever searched for the most effective steroids for bulking cycles because Boldenone is definitely on that list.

Boldenone is the active ingredient which is basically the same Dianabol but with the only difference – Dianabol (Dbol) comes as an oral steroid while Boldenone doesn’t have C17 AA group and comes as injection. As known, this anabolic and androgenic steroid is pure gold when it comes to growing muscle mass and increasing strength levels.

What does Boldaxyl 300 has to do with all of this? Boldenone is the active ingredient in the trade name Boldaxyl manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. What is Equipoise then? The first and most famous trade name for Boldenone.

Equipoise is the trade name and Boldaxyl 300 too, both for the exact same active ingredient Boldenone Undecylenate where Undecylenate is only the attached ester to Boldenone meant for delaying the release of the active ingredient after it got administered.

Boldaxyl 300 manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, therefore is no different from famous Equipoise, except for only the price. Boldaxyl can be obtained for a lower price than Equipoise and taking in consideration that the compounds are the exact same – you just pay less while obtain the same.

This steroid is actually a veterinary steroid which is a long acting injectable DianabolDbol (Methandrosternolone). The compound was intended to be used in animals, in horse and cattle. The compound was approved for humans use in the past, but nowadays is not.

Instead, the compound is very powerful when it comes to being used by humans for physique and performance enhancement purposes, mainly for gaining size, muscles and strength.

Boldenone Undecylenate was introduced for medical use back in 1960s, it then got discontinued but the compound is still used as veterinary medicine and as a powerful steroid for bodybuilders, athletes and powerlifters.

Boldaxyl Uses | What is Boldenone Undecylenate Used For? | Equipose

As it was mentioned, Boldaxyl or Equipose containing Boldenone Undecylenate are being used only in veterinary medicine and for non medical uses by humans for increasing physique and performance levels.

The compound is working in similar ways as other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors and showing off a good anabolic to androgenic ratio alongside with some level of aromatization. Therefore, this compound is used by bodybuilders and athletes with amazing success when it comes to increased muscle mass, increased endurance as well as production of red blood cells in the body which is helpful for bodybuilders.

Boldenone is famous for offering slow and steady gains which are usually being called EQ gains made during bulking cycles. Boldaxyl or Equipose started to be even more used in recent years because is considered to offer quality muscle mass gains and strength gains, all without too bad side effects that might occur with the use of Nandrolone compounds such as Deca.

That’s why, this steroid starts to be a favorite AAS among powerlifters and bodybuilders, especially because although rarely used for cutting cycles, some people still add it during such training phases too.

Most famous property of Boldenone use is the fact that it increases the production of red blood cells and this increases hemoglobin and therefore a higher oxygen carrying capacity to muscles. This leads to increases in muscles and strength. Plus, Equipoise (often called simply EQ) is known to change the electrolyte levels because of its powerful mineralocorticoid properties.

Boldaxyl 300 Dosage | How to Use Boldenone Undecylenate? | Equipose Cycle

Boldaxyl 300 or Equipoise containing Boldenone Undecylenate is coming in an oil based solution that must be used by intramuscular injection. Also, thanks to the very long half life of Boldenone (because of the Undecylenate attached ester that is delaying the release of Boldenone for a long time) which is about 14 days, the compound can be used once a week without any issues as it would maintain stable blood levels.

The compound is used in cycle lengths anywhere between 10 up to 16 weeks but most people prefer 12-14 weeks. Also, normal dosages for this compound are anywhere in the range of 200 up to about 800 mg a week, but most people prefer the 400-600 mg being the average dosage for staying away from side effects and still getting amazing benefits out of using it.

There are aggressive bulkers going to doses as high as 1000 mg a week but this increases the risks of side effects. Women have much better options than Boldenone but if you still want to experiment with it – 25 mg up to 50 mg a week is all that you need and you still need to be very careful with it.

One bulking cycle with EQBoldaxyl that would make you huge is made of 12 weeks with Boldenone 800 mg a week, Testosterone Cypionate 600 mg a week, Ostarine and Aromasin both at 25 mg a day and add N2Guard with the first 6-8 weeks with 50 mg a day of Dianabol.

Is very important to have a proper Post Cycle Therapy – PCT plan following the cycle which you need to be prepared for.

Boldaxyl Side Effects | Boldenone Undecylenate Side Effects | Equipoise Side Effects

Boldaxyl or Equipoise (EQ) containing Boldenone Undecylenate is quite obvious to offer side effects as long as is a steroid and there’s no known steroid that won’t offer any negative side effects, especially if getting abused.

Boldenone is considered to be a fairly mild steroid in terms of side effects but using the compound improperly would definitely result in bad side effects.

As other steroids, the compound is suppressive to natural testosterone production so make sure to have the PCT plan. Make sure to have a healthy lifestyle and add cycle supporting supplements for all other side effects including anti estrogen for estrogenic based side effects that can occur since Boldenone is aromatizable.

Many people suggest that Boldenone is offering a boost in appetite and while this is a good thing during bulking cycle, this is a negative side effect if you want to use Boldaxyl during your cutting cycles. Reports suggest that lowering the dosage would help with the boosting appetite side effects.

The compound is also notorious for offering androgenic side effects such as acne, oily skin, hair loss and others including virilizing side effects and especially acne issues for men. Having some anti bacterial or some anti acne solutions handy is very recommended.

Buy Boldaxyl 300 by Kalpa | Where to Buy Boldenone Undecylenate? | Buy Equipoise

Boldaxyl 300 or Equipoise (EQ) is an extremely effective anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that can greatly help with both bulking and cutting cycles, although is mainly used for bulking because is considered to greatly boost muscle mass gains and strength gains while it may also boost appetite and offer estrogenic activity.

Boldenone Undecylenate found in Boldaxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is offered of the highest quality and purity you can find – the exact same as Equipoise (EQ) but the difference is that customers are able to save lots of money by getting Boldaxyl instead of Equipose both of which are the same steroid.

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