What Does The Steroid Turinabol Do?

Turinabol that is often shortly called Tbol is an anabolic steroid and is an orally active steroid as it comes in form of pills. Turinabol is actually just the brand/ trade name of the active substance 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone and any other brand name with the same active substance is actually the same Turinabol (Tbol).

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The compound got derived from the extremely famous Dianabol (Dbol) steroid and that’s why, Turinabol (Tbol) is considered the little brother of Dianabol sold as Dianoxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

Although is a steroid and is derived from Dbol and is working in similar ways, Turinabol is working slightly differently offering great results and benefits for physique and performance enhancement.

Turinabol (Turanaxyl) is doing pretty much the same thing as other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors but after doing so, it starts offering various benefits that are different from those of other steroids, like from example, from its derived “brother” Dianabol (Dianoxyl).

In the time that Dbol is offering a very high anabolic activity and low androgenic one alongside with aromatization, Tbol is offering way lower anabolic activity with almost no androgenic activity.

As a comparison: Dianabol (Dbol) anabolic to androgenic ratio is 90-210 : 40-60 in the time that Turinabol (Tbol) anabolic to androgenic ratio is 54 : 6 plus Dbol can aromatize and Tbol cannot.

With this being said, Turinabol – Turnaxyl is working in similar way as Dianabol, doing similar effects, but is still very different in terms of it won’t grow as much muscle mass as Dbol would, but in the same time, the muscles gained from Tbol would be lean and quality gains, unlike those made with Dbol that make you retain water.

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  • The steroid is going to greatly help you to boost your physique and performance. Users of Turinabol – Turanaxyl report getting much leaner and ripped body appearance in the time that their performance is going to the next level. They get rid of body fat in the time of adding some lean muscles, that’s why their weight remains about the same, but body appearance greatly changes – leaner and ripped.

Performance is greatly boosted either as the users report getting a lot much more strength and stamina with an overall boost in energy. Users report that they are capable to perform much better during the athletic performance. They are not getting tired as fast, they recover from working out sessions faster and overall receive a feeling of “well being”.

Shortly after you start cycling with the steroid TuranaxylTurinabol, you would notice your muscle mass, strength and body weight is quickly boosted with huge boosts in testosterone that helps you see gains in no time.


VERY IMPORTANT! In order to see all these gains from using Turinabol, is essential to have a good Tbol cycle. Turinabol dosage and cycle length are extremely important to learn and in addition to that, you’ve got to learn how to get off it including various other things.

For example, if you are not going to have a proper diet with a proper workout regimen, then you won’t see results either. Turinabol – Turanaxyl doesn’t make your muscles grow magically and your fat melt off whilst eating junk food. It just boosts the processes in the body that are responsible for seeing such results.

  • Turanaxyl – Turinabol dosage is in the range of 30 mg up to 100 mg, with most common dosage of 50 mg a day. Turanaxyl Turinabol cycle length is anywhere between 4 up to 8 weeks, with most common length of 6 weeks.

Other than that, all Tbol cycles should be followed by a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol because, although being mild and safer than most other steroids in terms of side effects, is still suppressive to natural testosterone production, you’ve got to run PCT after the cycle, as well as supplements during the cycle to keep your liver healthy.

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