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Testosterone is considered the “father” of all steroids because most androgenic and anabolic steroids (AAS) are derived from this hormone, and they are used with a huge success rate for improving performance as well as inducing a significant amount of lean muscle mass and strength gains.

In fact, testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in the body that is very important for every human being and is having a crucial role in building size, muscles and strength. Is produced naturally by men in much higher amounts than in women, this hormone is responsible for a growth of both primary and secondary sexual characteristics in males.

Testosterone History

Since this hormone is so important and so helpful, scientists discovered a way to make it synthetically in laboratory and they made it in such a great way that when introduced in the body (synthetic testosterone), there’s absolutely no difference compared to the naturally occurring one.


There was just a problem – raw testosterone is having a very short half life and in order to make it highly bioactive, it should be administered by injection only. Therefore, the big drawback was the fact that you had to administer it way too often to make it all effective.

  • Therefore, scientists attached an ester to the testosterone in order to make the release slower after it was administered. That’s how Testosterone Propionate appeared.

This is the first ever esterified version of Testosterone that appeared on the market and also, Testosterone Propionate is the shortest esterified testosterone form. The only shorter version is raw testosterone without an ester attached.

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Testoxyl Propionate 100 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Testosterone Propionate Vs Other Test Versions

Testosterone Propionate (Testoxyl Propionate) is the first and the shortest version of esterified testosterone, but as time went by, many other esters were attached to testosterone, some of the most notable ones include Testosterone Enanthate (Testoxyl Enanthate) and Testosterone Cypionate (Testoxyl Cypionate).

The difference between Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate, for example, is not as huge, as comparing them to Testosterone Propionate. That’s because Propionate is a short based ester, allowing the hormone to be released pretty fast, but the other 2 versions are long based esters. This means they would slowly be released in the body after their administration.

That’s why Testosterone Propionate is having more specific needs than other 2 popular version of testosterone.

  • The anabolic steroid is going to enter your system fast and therefore it has some advantages such as shorter detection time on a test and faster reaches peak blood levels.
  • However, it has some disadvantages too: might offer more painful injections and the injections should be administered much more often than with longer esterified versions.


That’s why, Testosterone Propionate is usually used by people who knows why they need the compound in the first place. If you’re aware of this, we recommend you to buy Testosterone Propionate for sale as Testoxyl from KalpaPharmaceuticals.to.

This is the only way to make sure you’re getting the best quality Testosterone and most importantly – you are not going to pay too much for it.

Testosterone Propionate For Sale = Great Quality Vs Great Price

Those people who require a fast acting testosterone would love Testosterone Propionate for sale received from this website as brand Testoxyl Propionate because you would save a lot of money and will get 100% quality product. Compare the prices with other sources and you would notice it yourself. Check the quality of the product at independent lab test and you will make sure you have best quality product.

Testosterone Propionate is going to work the same way as any other testosterone by boosting your testosterone levels, the difference is in how fast you will reach the peak blood levels, how fast it would fully flush out of the system after last dose and the frequency of administration.

Testoxyl Propionate 100 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Testoxyl – Testosterone Propionate dosage is usually the same as with any other form, yet cycle length might be a bit shorter since it fully kicks in your system much faster. Use Testosterone Propionate – Testoxyl Propionate on a daily basis or at least every other day to have best results.

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