Stanozolol Dosages

Stanozolol is the chemical name (active substance) in the brand name Winstrol, which is very often called by most bodybuilders shortly Winny. The compound is known to be amazing for cutting cycles and generally, is one of the most famous and widely used steroids in the entire world for bodybuilding purposes among men who want to get lean and shredded and is also pretty famous among women too.

However, Stanozolol is an androgenic and anabolic steroid and is a powerful one, having some androgenic activity, high anabolic activity and is progesterone antagonist. In addition to that, is liver toxic. With all of this being said, as any other anabolic steroid, Winstrol is capable to offer negative side effects.

How effective it would be as well as how much and how profound the side effects would be depends on various factors such as genetics, size, gender etc. but mainly on Stanozolol dosages as well as cycle. You’ve got to learn how to properly cycle Winny before actually running it in order to enhance the efficacy of it and reduce the side effects.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is offering Stanozolol as brand name Stanoxyl. Be sure that either you receive Stanoxyl by Kalpa or Winstrol (Winny) you’re getting same high quality Stanozolol. However, Stanoxyl by Kalpa Pharma is cheaper in price, so you get same product for a lower price.

Stanoxyl 50 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Winstrol Cycle – Stanozolol Dosages

Is extremely important to remember that Winstrol – Stanoxyl should be cycled for anywhere between 4 up to maximum 8 weeks. Most people choose to stop at 6 weeks mark and that’s what we would recommend. 6 weeks of Winny is going to be enough to offer great results, using it longer is going to increase the risks of side effects, that’s why 8 weeks is only recommended for professionals and usually, in lower doses.

The anabolic steroid is hepatotoxic (C17 alpha alkylated) and is pretty dangerous for the liver, and that’s why abusing it is never a good idea, and also you should not run it for any longer. Plus to that, in order to help protect your liver and organs, is highly recommended to cycle StanoxylWinstrol alongside with cycle supporting supplements and liver protective compounds.


Is highly important to remember that Winstrol – Stanoxyl is a powerful steroid and it shouldn’t be abused for offering great effects. Stanozolol dosages are highly effective even at low doses, so using it moderately won’t only make it effective, but safe too.

Stanozolol dosages used by bodybuilders fall in the range of 25 mg up to 100 mg for men. Keep doses as low as possible, do not use it in higher doses if you do not need it or if you cannot tolerate them. Winstrol Stanoxyl is hepatoxic, suppressive to testosterone including other side effects. Lower doses are safer.

Stanoxyl 10 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals 25 mg per day of Stanozolol are the perfect doses for those who firstly use Stanozolol. The dosages are then gradually increased. It looks like the dosage of 50 mg a day is the sweet spot for most people.

Stanozolol has a half life of only 9 hours or so, that’s why it should be used multiple times a day. For example, if you use 50 mg daily, use 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg pre workout or so. The 25 mg taken in the morning would be flushed out of your system in around 18 hours or so, completely.

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That’s why Stanozolol dosages should be low and taken with an interval of some hours. Using a huge dosages all at once would offer your body too much of this steroid which may offer side effects.

In the end, StanoxylWinstrol is going to work very fast and in a few days you would start feeling it working and would notice the first benefits of making you appear fuller and more vascular with an overall increase in performance and strength without adding too much weight.

Is very important to remember to start slowly with StanoxylWinstrol (Stanozolol) and then increase the dosage if you need more.

That’s because this would allow your body to get accustomed to the steroid’s effects and plus to that, you would notice how well the compound works for you and whether or not it offers negative side effects.

  • Stanozolol dosages are different for each person. Women, for example, should use doses as low as 5-15 mg a day. 20 mg a day is absolute maximum they can use. But even dosages for men, as much as we can notice, highly vary from 25 mg up to 100 mg daily.

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