Halotestin is the first and most famous brand under which the active substance Fluoxmesterone is sold. You may find Fluoxymesterone products being sold as other brand names than Halotestin such as Haloxyl – but this is by far the most famous and popular one.

The compound was originally made back in 1950s and it was given to boys who were suffering from delayed puberty. Nonetheless, the compound is also considered very helpful for other health purposes such as treating anemia, men suffering from low testosterone condition, women suffering from breast cancer and others.

When Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) was developed, scientists tried to make a superior version of testosterone in form of oral tablets, and they really made it. The compound does help boys suffering from delayed puberty, but it also helps bodybuilders and various other athletes (especially power lifters and strongmen) for their needs.

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Haloxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Halotestin – Haloxyl is having an extremely big number in terms of anabolic to androgenic rating on paper.

Whilst testosterone anabolic : androgenic ratio is 100 : 100; the Halotestin’s anabolic : androgenic ratio is 1900 : 850. Obviously, this is considered an extremely powerful orally active steroid. In fact, is considered one of the strongest that you may find.

With all of this being said, not even Trenbolone is considered as powerful as Halotestin – Haloxyl (Fluoxymesterone) when checking the numbers on paper and in addition to that, Halotestin is coming as oral pills and exactly as Trenbolone, is not going to aromatize into estrogen, not offering any estrogen related activity.

Halotestin Results

Haloxyl – Halotestin is mostly used by 2 different reasons and in 2 different situations by most people – that’s when is mostly helpful.


  • The first situation where Halotestin – Haloxyl would be used would be in a cutting cycle pre contest, when you need to prepare for a show in the last 4 weeks. Because Fluoxymesterone is having no estrogenic activity, you are not going to suffer from bloating or water retention or anything in this matter.

But in addition to that, it has huge androgenic activity making it an amazing muscle hardening compound. We all know that Winstrol is great for muscle hardening effects, but Halotestin – Haloxyl is even better offering more pronounced effects since is more androgenic than Winstrol.

  • The second situation where you would use Halotestin (Haloxyl) is before a powerlifting contest. This compound is extremely favorited by people who need to lift as much as possible because that’s exactly what this anabolic steroid would help you with.

The huge androgenic rating helps users feel very aggressive and greatly increase their strength levels. This steroid would help you achieve get over your strength plateau in a short period of time.

Halotestin Side Effects

Although there are various different side effects possible to occur with the use of Halotestin (Haloxyl), there are 2 main problems that we would discuss.

Before we continue, is extremely important to keep in mind that this is a super powerful compound and therefore, side effects are definitely possible. We highly recommend to firstly learning how to use the compound before actually running it.

  1. First problem with Haloxyl (Halotestin) is the fact that is extremely toxic. It comes as oral pills and the compound is very hepatotoxic. Is even more toxic than Anadrol, Dianabol and Winstrol – liver toxicity is high!
  2. The second problem is the androgenic activity. Whilst earlier mentioned that is helpful, when it gets too high, androgen related side effects might be really bad. That’s why try to keep them under control.

Other side effects include cholesterol and cardiovascular related ones as well as testosterone suppression.


Halotestin Cycle

Start Haloxyl (Halotestin) with 20-30 mg a day, but never go over 40 mg a day as that’s abusive dosage. Run liver protective products and if you never used Haloxyl – Halotestin in the past, never start with more than 20 mg a day. You could even start with 10 mg daily.

Is a strong enough steroid to offer benefits at even such low doses.

Cycle lengths of 8 weeks are unthinkable.

5-6 weeks is absolute maximum but in fact, you shouldn’t even run it for this long. We recommend to stop at 4 weeks.

Run cycle supporting products, run a PCT plan at end of Haloxyl – Halotestin cycle and add other steroids during the cycle for best results.

Haloxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Halotestin of best quality can be purchased from this website KalpaPharmaceuticals.to as brand name Haloxyl for saving money for this pretty pricey product. Because of its pretty high price, Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone is commonly faked, so make sure to use our source to stay on the safe side.

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