Clomid PCT Dose

If someone is thinking and even planning to use some performance enhancing drugs such as prohormones, SARMs or especially anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) then it is highly recommended for you to firstly read and learn as much as possible about Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).


You might be interested in finding out more about Clomid PCT and if you are not, the use of steroids might not be a good idea for you. If you’re interested in finding out the Clomid PCT dose, you’ll find it out here including various important information about it, but until then, let’s check why Clomid PCT is so important for someone using performance enhancers, especially steroids.

The Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol is so highly important for many different things. A good plan is going to greatly help the user to recover back the body’s natural testosterone production after the use of steroids, after you run a cycle. This is what allows users a much faster recovery, keeps them away from unwanted symptoms and side effects and also maintains their hard earned gains during the cycle.

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The PCT is extremely important because performance enhancers, especially powerful ones like steroids, suppress the natural testosterone levels. When you stop its administration, the testosterone levels may stay low, and if you do have low levels of testosterone, you might lose your gains and strength, you may not have energy and generally feel crappy.

Please, do not assume that you can get away without running a Post Cycle Therapy, especially if you run powerful enhancers.


Why Clomid PCT?

Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is perhaps the most popular and widely used medication as a PCT. That’s because this compound is one of the most effective products out there for helping you to restore the natural hormonal balance.

The compound is working by increasing LH and FSH hormones (because it is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator and it blocks estrogen at the pituitary gland) that’s how testosterone levels are increased and you get a successful PCT.

However, you need to watch out for the harsh effects on the body as this is a powerful compound. The compound is blocking estrogen and the main use of Clomid is to stimulate testosterone production, hence is called Clomid PCT.

Clomid PCT Dose and Administration

Clomid PCT is important but is very important to learn how to properly run it. If you won’t use enough – you won’t get enough testosterone boost. If you use too much – you are having the risk of side effects.

Luckily, Clomid (Clomiphene) is well tolerated by most men, but you still need to learn how to properly run it. The problem is that there’s not a specific Clomid PCT dose. It highly depends on your tolerance and response to it, on the harshness of the steroid cycle and other factors.

Other than that, you might need to know that Clomid PCT is very often stacked with Nolvadex (used together) as they are working in synergy together for a great Post Cycle Therapy protocol.

Plus – Clomid PCT is started when all steroids are flushed out of your system. That’s why you need to check the half lives of each steroid you run.

Clomid PCT dose is between 12.5 mg and 200 mg a day. Some people use it even in higher dosages, but we consider it to be way too much.


To our experience and knowledge, a dosage of 50-100 mg a day of Clomid is perfect to do the job. In the harsh cycle 150 mg Clomid dose is enough. Rarely anyone needs 200 mg a day and almost never over this dosage.

Keep in mind that the higher the dosage – the higher the risks of side effects.

  • Clomid PCT dose is started when steroids are flushed out of the system at highest dosage (depending on your steroid cycle harshness and personal response) and slowly decreased.
  • Most Clomid PCT cycle lengths are 4 weeks, but some go for as long as 6 weeks.

Clomid is an extremely strong PCT drug – do not abuse it or use it for too long.

A common Clomid PCT dose protocol that works for most steroid users:

Week 1-2: 50 mg a day; Week 3-4 25 mg a day. Add another week or maximum 2 with 12.5 mg a day if you feel you need more (but that’s rarely).

For harshest cycles Clomid PCT dose protocol (that’s very rarely implemented):

Week 1: 150 (or even 200) mg a day; Week 2: 100 mg a day; Week 3-4: 50 mg a day; Week 5: 25 mg a day; Week 6 (12.5 mg or 25 mg a day).


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