Salbutamol Sulfate

Salbutamol Sulfate is shortly called simply Salbutamol by most people and this is a short acting Beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that is coming in form of oral pills administered by mouth or in form of inhaler.


This compound is also known as Albuterol (Albuterol Sulfate) because this is just another name for the active substance (Salbutamol Vs Albuterol = the exact same product). These are the generic names of the product as it can be sold as numerous brand / trade names. Most commonly is marketed as Ventolin, but you may find it as many others.

This stimulant product is used in medical settings mostly for making breathing easier in certain situations.

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Salbutamol Sulfate is known to open up the medium as well as large airways in the lungs and that’s because it relaxes the smooth muscles. That’s allowing for more airflow and that’s helpful for people with shortness of breath. That’s why is helpful for people suffering from asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and others.

It was proven helpful at treating high blood potassium levels too (that’s why you need to make sure you supplement your body with potassium whilst running it if you have normal potassium levels in the beginning).

  • The compound is also very popular among bodybuilders and many other athletes for mind blowing fat loss results and overall improvement in performance levels.

Salbutamol Sulfate in Bodybuilding

In most cases, Salbutamol Sulfate (Albuterol) is used off label for fat loss needs and that’s because many athletes and bodybuilders using it, discovered Salbutamol to be effective during cutting cycles as is capable to help increase strength during the resistance training regimen, is very effective at burning body fat and overall help with weight loss needs.


Plus, Salbutamol is having some anti catabolic properties and that’s helpful to maintain lean muscle mass during the low calorie intake diets.

That’s amazing because professionals know how hard it can be to maintain the muscles intact when trying to lose fat and get rid of water weight.


Clenbuterol Vs Salbutamol Sulfate – Albuterol

Salbutamol and Albuterol are 2 names for the same product. But do not confuse it with Clenbuterol because Salbutamol is not same as Clenbuterol, although they are both very similar. That’s taken in consideration that both are stimulants, both are asthma drugs and both come as either pills or inhalers.

There are lots of resembles, yet Clenbuterol Vs Salbutamol are different and that’s because Clen is considered the “bigger brother” since is more powerful. Albuterol is working similarly, but is not as long lasting and is not as beneficial, yet Albuterol has less side effects and less harsh side effects.

You may not lose fat as effectively with Salbutamol, but you are definitely going to be safer with less shakes, anxiety, heart risks and insomnia.

Salbutamol Sulfate Side Effects

Since we started to talk about the side effects of this product – we can say that they are pretty much the same or at least very similar to those of Clenbuterol and any other stimulant compound. The side effects can be kept under control by lower the dosage. Usually they disappear soon if you stop its administration.


Some side effects that should be mentioned include:

  • Heart issues risks (palpitations, tachycardia etc.)
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle cramps
  • Flushing
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Headaches that can be strong

There are others too. As said in the beginning, Salbutamol Sulfate lowers potassium (as well as Taurine) levels. Is highly recommended to supplement yourself with potassium and Taurine during the cycle with Albuterol.

Salbutamol Sulfate Dosage and Cycles

This compound can be administered in form of inhalation but mostly for asthma sufferers, in form of intravenous injection but usually for those who are in a very serious health condition in hospital and orally as pills, this form is universal and mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders.

  • The dosages should be taken every couple of hours due to its short half life. People use it 3 or even 4 times a day.
  • Dosage is ranged between 5 mg and 20 mg a day. Most people use 10-15 mg with high success rate for fat loss needs.
  • Salbutamol cycle is similar to that of Clenbuterol. Start and decrease slowly and gradually. Or / and you could go for the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off cycle method. Never go over 10 weeks length, but most people find it good enough for 6-8 weeks.


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Cytomel Dosage

We all know that Cytomel T3 is increasing the level of thyroid hormones in the body and that’s leading to various results. It could lead to negative side effects or to positive benefits, in the end, it all depends on how your body reacts to the compound but most importantly – to Cytomel dosage.

  • When you take too little of Cytomel dosage your body doesn’t receive enough thyroid hormones and that’s not going to offer your desired results.
  • On the other hand, if you take too much Cytomel dosage, your body would get way too much thyroid hormones that it cannot handle with and that’s going to lead to negative effects.

Thyroxyl T3 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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With this being said, before actually running a compound, is important to learn as much as possible about how to properly administer it and dosage is playing the most important role (alongside cycle length and others).

Cytomel dosage is falling in the absolute lowest possible dosage of 5 mcg a day all the way up to the absolute maximum possible dosage of 125 mcg a day. The difference is huge, but both 5 mcg and 125 mcg a day are very rarely implemented dosages.

Most people use Cytomel anywhere between 25 mcg and 75 mcg a day. It depends on the purpose of running Liothyronine Sodium, on your size and weight, personal tolerance, health conditions and others.

Cytomel Dosage Explained

In reality, the human body is naturally producing a dosage of approximately 25 mcg a day under normal conditions. This is the reason why Cytomel dosage is also started at approximately 25 mcg a day in the best cases, although Liothyronine administration could be started at even lower doses.

Usually, Cytomel dosage is started slowly and then, if the individual requires and can tolerate higher doses, then the T3 dosage is gradually increased.


Cytomel Dosage in Medical Settings

In order to start the treatment of hypothyroidism (the most common health condition where Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium) is offered, but there are other health conditions too), some of the most common medical Cytomel dosage is starting at 25 mcg a day.

Nonetheless, in some rare conditions, the doctor may prescribe to the individual a low dosage – as low as only 5 mcg a day. Sometimes it can be 10 mcg a day, 12.5 mcg a day etc. In the end, there’s rarely when a patient is offered dosages higher than 50 mcg a day for hyperthyroidism.

There are some cases when higher Cytomel dosages might be offered for medical purposes, but that’s rarely.

Cytomel Dosage for Fat and Weight Loss

A lot of athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen run T3 in order to achieve the lowest possible body fat percentage including many other people administering it for its weight loss benefits.

For such needs, dosages are never started at lower dosages than 12.5 mcg a day but in fact, most people choose to go straight to 25 mcg a day. Others choose to start at 50 mcg a day of Cytomel dosage, but that’s not as safe as the lower dosage.

Is important to understand that every person is responding individually to a compound and the intensity (cycle length and dosage) of the specific compound.

That’s why is important to understand that the Cytomel dosage of 50 mcg a day, for example, might be good for a person, might be too much for other person or won’t be too helpful for a third person in terms of weight and fat loss needs.

  • That’s why is not recommended to listen to others but to slowly ramp up your own dosage according to your needs, tolerance and other factors.


Other than that, in order to achieve maximum results, individuals are generally slowly and constantly increasing their dosage all the way up until maximum dosage is reached, desired results are reached or side effects are too much.

That’s the moment when Cytomel dosage at reach as much as 125 mcg a day by some bodybuilders. Nonetheless, that’s a dosage that’s way too much for the average person, especially without experience.

We highly recommend to use the compound properly: start slowly, increase gradually.

Female Cytomel Dosage

T3 thyroid hormone is the exact same hormone both in males and females and is going to work the exact same way. Nonetheless, female Cytombel dosage is still usually lower compared to those of men because of the lower body weight and mass compared to those of men.

  • That’s why women running Cytomel dosage for weight and fat loss needs also start at 25 mcg a day, but their highest dosage is at about 75 mcg a day point.



Is obvious that you need to learn how to properly run Cytomel dosage but all of this is for no avail as long as you obtain a fake compound. That’s why we’re here to help you and make sure that Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium) you obtain from is not only real, but is made of the best possible quality and is offered for sale, for a low price.

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Side Effects Of Clenbuterol


Clenbuterol is a product that is widely used for enhancing the weight loss processes and is an overall great performance enhancement drug, that is very famous among bodybuilders and athletes. Clenbuterol Hydrochloride (HCL) or simply Clen is categorized as a sympathomimetic and this means that it directly is affecting your Central Nervous System (CNS) in order to do its job in performance and physique enhancement boost.

Clen is directly affecting your Beta 2 sympathomimetics receptors and therefore is a stimulant – a Beta 2 agonist.

Thanks to the way it works, it has a huge influence on the cardio levels of the user and is affecting the overall body activity. Clenbuterol is increasing body temperature and is also a thermogenic drug, but since it increases body temperature, this leads to increase of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and as a result, the body is transforming calories into energy much faster and efficiently.


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The body is having a higher demand of “fuel” which it takes it from fat, both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Clenbuterol is in the same category of drugs as epinephrine which is why is considered the “brother” of epinephrine. That’s because they are both working in pretty much the exact same ways and having same actions like:

  • Works on Central Nervous System (CNS) of the body.
  • Is stimulating the receptors in a way that would boost the aerobic activity of body.
  • Is boosting the Body Mass Index (BMI) since it boosts metabolic rate of the body.
  • Is increasing the blood flow in arteries, therefore increasing body temperature and blood pressure.
  • Is doing an amazing job in enhancing the oxygen transportation to muscles and other organs.
  • Is helping to prevent the loss of lean muscles.

Due to the way it works, there are a lot of positives. Clenbuterol is having many benefits that you can put to good use.


Nonetheless, keep in mind that if you’re not going to use it properly – there’s a high chance of receiving Clenbuterol side effects.

Clenbuterol Side Effects and Dangers

Clenbuterol is effective and burning fat and various other things, but there’s a chance you would get side effects, which is why you need to learn about how to properly run it first.

Side effects of Clenbuterol can greatly vary and they can vary a lot even when talking about their severity. They are highly ranging from mild to nasty side effects. But luckily – the more you learn about how to properly run Clen, the less side effects you would get and the least severe they would be.

It also depends on each individual separately because the product might offer different reactions to different bodies – make sure that you would run it properly and observe the reactions your body has to it.

Some of the most common side effect of Clenbuterol include:

  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Tachycardia
  • Headaches
  • Shaking and muscle tremors (most commonly hand tremors)
  • Irregular and increased sweating
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased body temperature
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Subaortic stenosis
  • Various heart issues like heart palpitations and others
  • Electrolyte imbalances (is reducing potassium levels)
  • Cardiac hypertrophy
  • Keep in mind that this is not the full list of side effects of Clenbuterol – there might be others as well. By checking these side effects, you would notice that they are very similar to those offered by ephedrine, epinephrine and amphetamines or most other stimulants out there.


Sweating, shaking, anxiety and insomnia are by far some of the most popular ones. Some people have a very low tolerance to Clen and they can get rid of Clenbuterol side effects when completely stopping its use.

The anxiety and constant restlessness is leading to sleeplessness or insomnia and that’s why is recommended to run Clenbuterol the first thing in the morning, so its effects to lower by the end of the day when you need to sleep.

If you notice receiving some more severe side effects, those related to heart that are cardiac in nature, such as heart palpitations, high blood pressure and others – you may need to lower the dosage immediately.

However, if you already suffer from increased blood pressure or a heart condition, is not recommended to run Clen, otherwise the side effects of Clenbuterol may greatly aggravate them.

Clenbuterol side effects can be tolerated and controlled. By reducing the dosage you would reduce the side effects and their intensity. Most side effects disappear within 2 days after discontinue of Clenbuterol administration.


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Liquid Clenbuterol

Buy Clenbuterol for sale from to receive best quality Clen for the lowest possible prices on the market. This is a very powerful bronchodilator that is medically used for treating various breathing disorders such as asthma in certain countries.

Nonetheless, Clenbuterol in the world of fitness and sports is a very powerful fat shredding compound that can greatly help users in achieving their weight loss goals.

Clenbuterol is a thermogenic drug since is increasing body temperature, is a sympathomimetic amine that is stimulating beta 2 receptors, hence is a stimulant and beta 2 agonist that is having huge quantities of fat burning properties.

Mostly, Clenbuterol is coming in form of tablets – this is by far the most common method of administering this compound, but there is also liquid Clenbuterol too. In case you do not want to use Clenbuterol tablets for whatever the reason, then you have the option to try this compound in form of liquid. It can be as oral solution but mostly is used for sufferers of breathing issues or liquid Clenbuterol meant for intramuscular injection.

Helios-Dragon-Pharma heliolab

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Often the liquid Clenbuterol solution may be combined with other substances in order to enhance the effectiveness of fat burning process.

Liquid Clenbuterol Effects and Benefits

Liquid Clenbuterol or Clenbuterol pills are going to work the exact same way, regardless how it reached your blood system. Since you get the same compound, it would offer same results with same mechanism of action. The results (benefits and side effects) only depends on the dosage of Clenbuterol.

Again, if you don’t love Clenbuterol pills, or simply want to give a try to other administration versions – liquid Clenbuterol is going to be perfect for you.

  • It can be used as a part of a cutting cycle (mostly) because it has amazing properties to help you burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • This is not a strength and muscle builder, that’s why is not a popular product for bulking cycles.


The compound helps you to achieve amazing results towards the end of the cutting cycle because of its amazing abilities to kick start metabolism which in return you would burn fat way more efficiently and faster.

Clenbuterol is helping to burn calories, turning it into energy, nonetheless, this compound is not going to offer desired weight loss results without maintaining a proper diet and exercising regularly.

Is very important to remember that dieting and exercise plans are extremely important during the cutting cycle, regardless if you use liquid Clenbuterol (or any other form, or any other compound) or not.

Liquid Clenbuterol Dosage

Regardless if you use liquid Clenbuterol or in form of tablets – our bodies tend to quickly build up tolerance to this substance. That’s why is very important to either constantly increase the dosage of Clen, or to break down the Liquid-Clenbuterol-body-man tolerance build-up by stopping its administration for a while and then restarting.


That’s why there are multiple methods of administering Clenbuterol.

2 weeks on 2 weeks off. As it sounds – you need to use it for 2 weeks and then stop for another 2 weeks. Usually, the dosage is still gradually increasing. It can be:

  • Week 1: 20 mcg a day
  • Week 2: 40 mcg a day
  • Week 3-4: Off
  • Week 5: 40 mcg a day
  • Week 6: 60 mcg a day
  • Week 7-8: Off
  • Week 9: 60 mcg a day
  • Week 10: 80 mcg a day.
  • Week 11-12: Off

I guess you’ve guessed the point.

Constant increase dosage method can be:

  • Week 1: 10 mcg a day
  • Week 2: 20 mcg a day
  • Week 3: 30 mcg a day

And so on and so forth.

Liquid Clenbuterol or Clenbuterol tablets dosage is the same – from 20 mcg a day then gradually increasing until reaching upper limit or side effects are getting too much.


Usually, upper limit is 100-120 mcg a day. In rare cases, some people can tolerate as much as 200 mcg a day, but that’s very rarely. Anything over that point is abuse with huge chances of side effects.

Except for method of administration, there’s almost no difference between liquid Clenbuterol and the tablets form.

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Can Clenbuterol Kill You?


Lots of people heard of Clenbuterol being an amazingly good product for weight loss purposes but doing a bit of research on it you may find out that Clenbuterol is also a potentially dangerous product. What’s the truth?

All of that is true. Clenbuterol is indeed doing an amazing job in helping people to lose weight and body fat but in the same time, it may offer nasty side effects, some of which can be dangerous and even life threatening.

Remember that Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is offering Clenbuterol as brand name Clenbutaxyl. If you want to buy Clenbuterol, get Clenbutaxyl and you get the same high quality Clen but you save a lot of money.

Back to the original question: theoretically, Clenbuterol can kill you, yes, but practically, you need to have a huge abuse of this product in order to actually kill you. That’s why, the exact answer is: HIGHLY unlikely it would.


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How effective Clenbuterol – Clenbutaxyl would be for your weight loss purposes and how dangerous it would be – all depends on you.

  • First thing to understand is – whilst increasing the dosage it would help you boost fat loss, but it would also increase the chances of negative side effects, and by increasing it over the limit, it increases the chances of killing you.

This is the reason why is so important to learn as much as possible about Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl). Before using it, you are required to be extremely careful about dosing this product, otherwise you have the risk of overdosing which, then again, can end up in a dangerous experience.

Except for the dosage, is extremely important to understand and know your body. For example, everyone is having different sensitivity to Clenbutaxyl – Clenbuterol, and while someone might find a moderate-high dosage of Clenbuterol to be comfortable for them, for others that exact dosage may be dangerous.


You cannot find out what is your personal sensitivity and tolerance to the exact product until you actually use it. However, taken in consideration there’s a chance your tolerance is low, you need to start very slowly – at a very low dosage. Such a low dosage isn’t going to be enough to offer nasty or even life threatening results and in the same time, it would be enough for your body to get used to it and for you to understand if Clenbuterol works well enough for you.

So, you start at a very low dose which won’t be as effective for weight loss as a high dosage, but is very recommended to start exactly with a low dosage and then gradually increase if your body is ready for increasing it.

Clenbutaxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Other Clenbuterol Side Effects

1) Clenbuterol is bad for your heart

This is the reason why people who are suffering from heart issues shouldn’t be using Clenbuterol at all. This is a very powerful stimulant and if you cannot have a cup of coffee, you definitely cannot administer Clenbuterol. In fact, this is the reason why Clenbuterol can kill you – it affects your heart.

Clenbuterol is going to offer a spike in your blood pressure and would keep it high for as long as you use it. As a result, the risks of left ventricular hypertrophy increase. Clen is going to kill heart cells and that’s increasing the risks of heart diseases.

This is the reason why is so important to avoid high dosages of Clenbuterol and long cycle lengths.

2) Clenbuterol interferes with your sleep

Another thing that makes Clenbuterol dangerous is the fact that it interferes with your sleep, which is quite obvious taken in consideration that is a powerful stimulant.

While this side effect itself is not life threatening, a long time without getting enough sleep is already dangerous. It could have a bad outcome on your overall health and well being even including psychological status of a person.

3) Clenbuterol depletes the body of potassium

Another thing that makes Clenbuterol dangerous is the fact that makes your body lose a big amount of potassium and taurine. That’s extremely important for your heart because it plays an important role in heart function and muscle contraction.

That’s the reason why some people experience muscle cramps while using Clenbuterol.

Is Clenbuterol that dangerous?

In the end, there are various ways how you can avoid any of these side effects and that’s why, although Clenbuterol can be dangerous, is not as dangerous when used properly.

  • By having a low dosage in the morning and eating foods rich in potassium and taurine you are capable to avoid the last 2 dangerous side effects.
  • As in terms of heart risks – with a low dosage and a normal heart function, administering normal dosage of Clenbutaxyl (Clenbuterol) in a normal cycle length that would end up your worries.

Also, that’s why is so important to regularly workout and have a clean diet.

clenbutaxyl-kalpa So, Clenbuterol can kill you, but that would happen only if you have some health issues or if you abuse it. By having a proper use, Clen can be amazing for your weight loss goals – after all, there are good reasons why there are so many people using the compound all over the world, including lots of celebrities.

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Clenbuterol And Its Benefits Explained


Clenbuterol, that is very often shortly called by a lot of people Clen is an extremely famous medicine that is used for fat loss purposes. In fact, Clenbuterol is one of the most famous fat losing agent on the planet.

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This drug wasn’t made for this purpose, it was originally intended and created for the treatment of breathing disorders such as asthma. In fact, the compound is still used and prescribed in some countries (not all) for breathing disorders related to recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) and inflammatory airway diseases (IAD) and sometimes, it was even given in some weight loss clinics for helping patients to lose weight, but off label since that’s not an approved use.

Anyway, according to lots of people results, reports as well as many studies done on Clenbuterol, it was proven to be a very effective fat burning compound. The reason why Clen is not approved for this purpose is because of some people who abused it in an attempt to lose weight faster and this led to nasty side effects.

With a proper use of Clenbuterol, it would offer mind-blowing results, and that’s why this drug has been a favorite one for bodybuilders, various sportsmen, even including many fitness celebrities, actors, singers and various other celebrities.

  • There are a lot of people all around the world using Clen, from everyday simple gym goers who want to lose fat to the biggest names in the world: models, fitness professionals and many other stars.

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic amine and is a stimulant drug that is working wonders for those who want to lose weight. It is increasing the body temperature and therefore is also classified as a thermogenic drug.

The most common form of administration of Clenbuterol is in form of pills, however, it is also coming as injection, syrup and even inhalation. Yet, most people go for pills.


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In case you’re looking forward to run Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl), we highly recommend you to do your homework first. You need to learn as much as possible about Clen before actually administering it, you should read about its benefits, its side effects, how to properly administer it and generally, what you can expect out of using it. In this Clenbuterol review, we would share a lot of information about Clenbuterol benefits, but you would also find various other valuable info.

Clenbuterol Benefits

  1. Increases Metabolism and Burns Fat

Clenbuterol’s amazing properties which help users to burn body fat is what makes the compound so widely famous all over the world, however, you may want to learn and find out how exactly it works?

This drug was proven, during various researches, to boost the metabolic rate of the user’s body in a process that is often known as thermogenesis (as said, is a thermogenic drug) and that’s an extremely important thing when talking about the weight loss processes. Thermogenesis is the process in which your body is increasing the temperature and that’s helpful for losing weight.

Since your body temperature raises, the body is constantly trying to cool it down back to normal, the process known as homeostasis. In the end, the result of constantly trying to cool it down, the BMR (body metabolic rate) is getting increased, so you are going to notice that you are capable to burn more calories, do it faster and more efficiently.

And as logic says – the higher the dosage and the longer you’re taking Clenbuterol, the more increase of your metabolism is going to be.

Other than that, it was proven that Clen is promoting lipolysis. This is a process when your body starts to consume more “fuel” and usually that’s the stored fat. That’s also thanks to boosted metabolic rate as this way, everything in your body works harder, it requires more energy as fuel, so it takes it from the stored fat. This is how you get more energy too when regularly administering Clen.

Taken in consideration that you’re having much more energy produced in the mitochondria cells, boosted metabolism, increased body temperature and it also stimulates the central nervous system – you are going to find out that the body is capable to burn much more calories and much more efficiently. Your fat/ weight loss process is boosted, so you burn fat in a shorter period.


According to reports of people using Clen, it does seems like the benefits of this drug are huge, the results in terms of fat loss seem to be very high in only the first 2 weeks of administering Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl). What a lot of people seem to be appreciate mostly about Clenbuterol is the fact that it is very effective at burning and dramatically reducing stubborn fat, this is especially on the visceral as well as abdominal areas. The areas where is mostly with fat and most problematic to burn fat from – hardest places to get rid of fat.

  1. Increased Blood Flow and Oxygenation

As mentioned earlier in the article, Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) was originally created and used for treating asthma patients and that’s because the drug is really helpful at improving aerobic capacity because it is great for boosting oxygenation and is also helpful for transporting the blood to the body. In short, when you’re suffering from a breathing disorder, Clenbuterol is likely to help you with it.

It helps organs including your muscles to get much more oxygenation and this is super helpful for making them grow further, for giving them more endurance and faster recovery. There are lots of other benefits that a person receives when increasing blood flow and oxygenation and as much as we can see, there’s quite a lot of benefits – even if you’re not a person suffering from asthma or some other breathing issues.

Let’s break it down step by step. First thing – with more oxygen to your muscles, they are capable to grow faster and more efficiently. Muscles grow only when there’s the “perfect” environment which should be anabolic. For growing, they require various different things and is quite obvious that oxygen is one of them. The more oxygen – the better and faster it would be for your muscles to grow.

Other than that, by having more oxygen flow, you are going to notice that soon enough, you would boost the body’s muscular endurance. That’s another important thing to mention, especially when you’re working out in the gym or when competing. That’s because this allows you to train harder and longer periods since your muscles can perform more and better.

Except for the fact that you would be able to workout more, more oxygenation would speed up the recovery rate in between your workouts, and soon enough, this would be boosted to a level that you could increase your training frequency.

Moreover, every time we perform a really harsh workout that was super intense and tough, we are experiencing muscle soreness and pain. It occurs because we’ve broken up our muscle tissues and because they don’t have enough oxygen. Once again, Clenbuterol is going to reduce the pains and soreness. Clen is having a very positive effect on muscle recovery overall and due to it, is very unlikely that you would get the delayed onset of muscle soreness which is something quite common among gym goers including other positive effects.

This effect alone, as much as we can see, has an extremely positive effect on bodybuilders, but there seem to be much more.

  1. Helps Maintain (or even build a small amount of) Muscles

Clenbuterol is under no circumstances an anabolic steroid, is a sympathomimetic amine, a thermogenic drug, a weight loss compound or others, but not an anabolic steroid. Nonetheless, it was still classified “anabolic” by WADA and its use got banned by anti doping agencies such as WADA. The reason is that Clen was still found to have a bit of anabolic activity.

The studies done on Clenbuterol (use in humans) proven that this compound is having a positive effect on skeletal muscle, is a great compound for helping you to preserve the muscle mass during low calorie diets, but it could even build (but only a small amount) of muscles – far from the possible gain from actual anabolic steroids.

Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) is having a long acting systemic beta 2 agonists and this is what is increasing the size of the skeletal muscle fiber and is accelerating the creation of the new muscle tissue generation. With this being said, Clen is by far not as anabolic as actual steroids, but is still showing positive effects on gaining lean muscle mass (or at least maintaining it) in the time that it greatly helps to lose the stubborn fat.


This effect is seen both in humans and animals because there were studies done firstly on animals which prove that Clen is increasing the lean body mass as it was noticed in rats, mice as well as horses. It is thought that Clenbuterol’s anabolic properties are coming from the boosted protein synthesis levels.

However, it would be a big mistake to think that you would get a lot of lean muscle mass on Clenbuterol. This is not a steroid so expecting lots of muscle growth would be a mistake. There are bodybuilders that do not notice too much when talking about muscle gains on Clen, but there are still some that seem to claim that the compound is quite helpful for them to add and build lean muscle mass.

With this being said, you shouldn’t use Clen for muscle gains and we cannot classify it as a muscle building drug at all. Maybe in the future more studies will say more, but so far Clenbuterol is a weight loss drug and not a muscle builder.

This is the reason why using Clenbuterol during the bulking cycles is not a good idea since the muscle building properties of Clen are quite low and mild. You may still find people using Clen during bulking cycles, but that’s in order to avoid gaining too much fat and water retention. Nonetheless, the compound does offer powerful muscle maintaining abilities and that’s another thing that makes it so unique, helpful and widely used.

This is an extremely important effect for those who are going through a cutting cycle because very often, cutting down would result in losing lean muscles alongside with fat. Thanks to Clenbuterol’s muscle preserving effects, the drug is very appreciated.

Ask any professional bodybuilder or athlete and you would notice that preserving the muscle mass in the time that you lose body fat is one of the hardest things to achieve.

When a person is preserving the muscle tissue when running Clen, he is not only able to maintain his hard earned muscles during the cutting cycle, but his metabolism is going to stay boosted and this is what would allow further and more weight loss.

  1. Boosts Energy Levels

As it was earlier mentioned, Clenbuterol is working on your Central Nervous System (CNS) and by stimulating it, you would increase the heart rate and the adrenaline levels.

Now, imagine that you’re driving on a highway at night and you’ve been on the road for like 8+ hours. You are sleepy and you want to stop. The next seconds you’re just about to have a car accident. Your heart rate increased and the adrenaline levels spike, pretty much what Clen does but what do you notice now? You are not sleepy anymore and you’re having tons of energy.

The same goes here, by using Clenbuterol, you would notice that you would get a lot much more energy levels throughout the entire day, there are a lot of people who reported getting this effect and plus to that, lots have noticed that their motivation got boosted too, and this helps them to achieve their goals.

Because the user is having an effect of higher adrenaline and more motivation, is quite common for the Clen users to report increased intensity of workouts and this helps them to lift more weight, to lift heavier weights, to perform more reps and overall to spend much more time in the gym as they are capable to workout longer.

With this being said, these amazing effects can greatly help a user to increase his strength levels, to burn more fat and maybe to build more muscles, although this is more like “indirectly” as these goals occur from the user doing more, but the user does more thanks to Clen.

With the higher adrenaline levels you get from Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl), there’s a chance that it would result in the user feeling something like “hyper”. Nonetheless, in case you are using stimulants on a daily basis like for example caffeine (regardless as coffee or any other form), then there’s a much lower chance for you to get this feeling and even if you do, it would be less compared to a person who doesn’t use any stimulants on a daily basis.

  1. Appetite Suppression

Clenbuterol is not classified as an appetite suppressor as many other compounds that are also considered to be “weight loss products” but even so, Clen does have the beneficial effect of appetite suppression when talking about weight loss purposes.

This is a little known benefit of Clenbuterol because the appetite suppression isn’t as strong as actual appetite suppressants and plus to that, Clen is usually classified as a metabolism stimulator for weight loss (its main benefit) and not killing the appetite.

Nonetheless, the studies done on Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) still proves that this drug is working by stimulating a very sensitive beta 2 adrenergic system and this is having a really deep effect on the feeding behaviors in humans, meaning that is very likely you would change your “daily eating schedule”. Clen is going to help is the “weight loss” kind of way as you are going to be less likely to want to eat junk food, you would not feel as often and as hungry throughout the day and has a good effect on suppressing the cravings.

In order to lose weight, a person needs to eat fewer calories than he or she manages to lose per day. This is called calorie deficit. However, we’ve all been there and we all know how hard it could be to eat in a calorie deficit. This Clen’s effect might be super beneficial for such needs.

That’s because with Clenbuterol, you would feel less desire and cravings to eat junk food and to eat big amounts of foods, this is going to greatly help you to consume less calories and then again – that’s what allows you to lose weight and body fat.

  1. No Testosterone Suppression

Another reason why Clenbuterol is so famous and so widely used all over the world is because it doesn’t suppresses your testosterone production. As said, although it got classified as an anabolic by WADA and is very often mistakenly called and thought to be a “cutting steroid”, Clen is not a steroid under no circumstances. It has powerful fat burning effects alongside with some anabolic activity and that’s often specific to steroids – that’s the reason why some people confuse them.

Nonetheless, Clenbuterol is still not a steroid and the biggest difference between this drug and any steroids (cutting or bulking or any others) is that steroids would have a negative effect on suppressing testosterone levels, but Clenbuterol won’t.

The use of any steroids is going to shut down your natural testosterone production, that’s why you would require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan with steroids which would require you weeks to recover back, or sometimes even months or years to fully recover back the natural testosterone production to how it used to be before starting the cycle.

But that’s a different story with Clen which has no negative effect on testosterone production and therefore, by finishing your Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) cycle, the testosterone levels would remain untouched.

That’s extremely beneficial because lower testosterone levels is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve, regardless if we’re talking about cutting or bulking cycles. Higher testosterone levels is extremely helpful for all physique and performance enhancement needs. Testosterone is helping to burn body fat and build lean muscle mass, that’s why is essential for you to maintain high levels of this hormone.

  1. Positive Diuretic Effect

Clenbuterol was found to have a mild diuretic effect and that’s very positive for anyone looking to get shredded going through a cutting cycle. The diuretic effect would allow you to lose water weight in the time that you’re losing the body fat while using Clenbuterol. That’s helping as water weight is often a problem for bodybuilders, especially after they went through a really tough bulking cycle.

Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) is a thermogenic drug. The thermogenesis effects of Clen results in higher body temperature and since it heats up the body, this would allow you to sweat more. Increased sweating is what offers the diuretic effect that allows you to lose water weight. Other than that, it does seem like users are urinating more often than they usually do when on Clenbuterol.

As it was earlier mentioned, there are cases when Clenbuterol is stacked with bulking compounds in bulking cycles in the attempt to avoid gaining too much water weight. But since less body fat and less water weight is a goal mainly in cutting cycles, Clen is used as a cutting drug with big success.

By losing the water weight properly, this is going to make a person look much more aesthetic and that’s because this is going to offer less subcutaneous fluid, so your muscles are going to look fuller with more definition. Other than that, reducing water weight reduces bloating. That’s all super effective and deeply appreciated by bodybuilders.

With all of this being said, it does looks like Clen is more often used and more popular close to summer. That’s because most people are trying to get effective fat burning compounds during that time as they are trying to look as toned as possible by losing as much fat and water weight as possible.

Clenbuterol Results

Clenbuterol results can be crazy when the compound is used properly alongside with a proper lifestyle. After all, the reason why Clen is so famous is due to its impressive results. According to people’s reports who already used it, the weight loss can be drastic if the user is going to have a proper diet (eating in calorie deficit) and would work out regularly and intensively through a cycle.

Important to mention! Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) is not a magic pill. Weight loss won’t occur if you wouldn’t exercise and diet. A sedentary lifestyle whilst using Clen is not going to offer any good results. At best you may not gain more weight, or would slow down the fat gain process a bit.

Also, by not using it properly, Clenbuterol may offer side effects. That’s why you need to learn how to use it, and when doing so, you need to have a healthy lifestyle.

Very often, people ask ”How much weight/ fat you will lose on Clenbuterol?”

There’s nobody that can answer this question precisely because it all depends on various different factors such as your genetics, the amount of fat you already have, how you respond to the drug, your diet, dosage, workouts, how long you are going to cycle Clenbuterol for and many other factors.

Anyway, in the end, on average, it does looks like users can expect losing approximately 8 lbs or so from a 4 weeks cycle length on Clen on an average dosage.

It also very much depends on either you use Clenbuterol alone or stacked with other compounds. In case you would combine Clen with cutting steroids – you would boost the process. Often, is being also stacked with thyroid hormones like for example Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium) and this compound would help you on a hormonal level too, it would also increase thermogenic activity and when combined with Clenbuterol, the activity is going to be even more boosted.

But then again, there are other options available too, is often stacked with cutting steroids or also even human growth hormone (HGH), as each of them will be amazing for boosting the fat loss processes (in the time you would maintain or maybe even grow muscles).

There are various examples of people using Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) if talking about its results. There are many celebrities including sportsmen, actors, singers etc. who used Clenbuterol with big success. Here’s a photo of a dedicated Clenbuterol user who used the drug for achieving his crazy transformation:


Is Clenbuterol Safe?

From the medical point of view, it does looks like Clenbuterol shouldn’t be administered for weight loss purposes. Clenbuterol is approved for use in humans but is only prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from asthma. Nonetheless, there are still doctors/ clinics who gave Clenbuterol to their patients (off label) for overweight conditions.

Clenbuterol is safe as long as is administered properly and no underlying health issues are present and is not safe when any kind of abuse would be attempted. Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl), in fact, can become dangerous in case of a serious abuse or a person with for example heart issues uses it.

Anyway, before using Clen is very important to know and understand that there are dangers. That’s why learn about it firstly. Nonetheless, in case you would have a proper use of Clen for a short period of time (especially if you would have a medical supervision in the meantime), then the side effects or dangers of this drug are very unlikely to occur and even if they do – to be severe.

Answering to “Is Clenbuterol Safe?” is the same as answering “How much weight will you lose on Clenbuterol?” – they both highly depend on many different factors.

Clenbuterol Side Effects Explained

There are various different side effects possible to occur when administering Clenbuterol, however, there are some more common than others. Remember that the list of side effects below is far from full but I’m going to share some of the most common adverse effects that can occur on Clen and would explain them.

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension (increased blood pressure)
  • Increased sweating
  • Shaky hands (jitters)

Remember the example earlier mentioned on a highway drive? If it happens, you can’t fall asleep because of high adrenaline levels. As said, Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) is increasing the adrenaline and this is what makes the use to become highly stimulated throughout the day, this would continue even in the evening and at night, and this is what might give you insomnia.

In order to avoid getting this side effect, many people use the pills earlier in the day, usually, the first thing in the morning. To have energy throughout the day, and for it to be less effective at night when you want to fall asleep. If you use multiple dosages throughout a day, you still want to have a gap of a few hours in between each administration. Too high dosages in a too short period of time would offer side effects, leaving this gap would reduce the possibility and intensity of side effects.

  • By using Clenbuterol, and in fact, any other stimulants in general, anxiety is possible to occur. Anxiety on Clen is a common side effect because this is a powerful stimulant. It occurs because stimulants are initially boosting the dopamine levels (the hormone that makes us feel good and well), but when they wean off, is reducing the serotonin levels (the crucial neurotransmitter for the mental well being).

Is a common phenomenon for a person to have increased anxiety after administering any kind of stimulant, it could be a simple coffee. This effect highly varies from a person to another. If you’re a very sensitive person on stimulants with a high anxiety level on them, then there’s a chance Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) would be too much for you, since is very powerful.

  • Another common side effect of Clen is the increased blood pressure (hypertension) and that’s because this is a drug that is known for constricting the blood vessels, this is going to lead to a harder blood flow to and from the heart, therefore blood pressure increases. This is the reason why is so important to make sure that you do not have any heart or blood diseases. If you have a history of heart disease – consult with your doctor first. If you already have hypertension or a heart issue – you may want to stay away from Clenbuterol.

That’s not a big problem, however, in healthy adults. That’s because for most people, the blood pressure is simply going to rise a little bit without becoming too problematic, then, as soon as the cycle with Clenbuterol ends, it would drop back to its normal state.

  • Many users on Clenbuterol report they notice increased sweating and it does seem to be something common among its users and that side effect seem to intensify at the end of the cycle. Although many people think of it as a side effect – that’s what they were searching for. In fact, increased sweating is something good, this is a proof that the body is going through the increased body heat state (thermogenesis) and this is crucial for fat loss.

Just make sure that you would drink enough water while you would use Clenbuterol. Its diuretic effects makes sure that you would lose water much faster and efficiently, but this increases the risk of dehydration. Drinking enough water would reduce such risks.

  • One last side effect that I am going to pay attention to when talking about Clenbuterol (but is definitely not the last side effect in the Clenbuterol’ full list of side effects) is going to be jitters that is manifesting in shaky hands. This side effect is similar to that of alcohol withdrawal when the patient is suffering from shakes that are particularly seen in the hands.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the very few side effects that you just can’t do anything about it except for lowering your dosage in case you get it. Lower until it disappears (or is not too bothersome) or stop at all in case you still get the side effect. Maintaining low-moderate dosages is the only way to prevent it from occurring.

How to Use Clenbuterol?

As mentioned, Clenbuterol is an orally active drug which means it comes in form of tablets most often. Although there are various other different forms of administering Clen, most people use it as tablets.

  • Tablets come in various strength dosage, but most commonly in 20 mcg tablets. Bodybuilders are usually going to start running it at 1-2 tablets per day (meaning 20-40 mcg daily) depending on their own tolerance. Then the dosage is slowly increased until reaching a perfect balance.

Usually, the increase of Clenbuterol is with half a tablet up to one full tablet (0.5 – 1 tablet) every 3 days. That’s in terms of Clenbuterol dosage.

In terms of Clenbuterol cycle length (duration how much you should use Clenbuterol) then it highly depends as there are various cycles (administration forms). That’s all because Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) stops being effective for fat loss purposes after a certain period of time. This occurs because of the receptor down regulation (think of it as if Clen “burns” the receptors that’s making it effective). The receptors should “heal” and it requires time.

  • Clenbuterol seems to start wearing off after about 4-6 weeks of continuous use. That’s the reason why is quite a good idea to keep your cycle length short, otherwise the effectiveness is reduced, the side effects are increased, and you just waste your money too. That’s why, one method of administering Clenbuterol is 4-6 weeks cycles with doses slowly increased every 3 days.

NOTE! You are capable to say if Clenbuterol effects are starting to become less effective (starts wearing off) by checking your body temperature which is a good indicator of Clen’s effectiveness. Clenbuterol should have a thermogenic effect when is still effective, if the temperature starts to drop down, then it indicates that the effects starts to decrease.

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There are other administration protocols of Clenbuterol too. For example, more experienced athletes and bodybuilders that already might have built up tolerance to the drug but they still need dramatic results, they might go through an aggressive approach of the drug in order to burn more body fat and do it efficiently. Most commonly, bodybuilders are doing it before going through a competition as they need to lose as much body fat as possible to get as defined their muscles as possible.

In such aggressive approaches, professionals are using dosages as much as 120-160 mcg a day (about 6 to 8 tablet per day). Do not attempt as high dosages if you’re not a professionals and under no circumstances do not use dosages over 200 mcg a day. Anything over 200 mcg is pure abuse and should be avoided by everybody! Such dosages would increase the risks of side effects and dangers greatly and that’s especially when talking about increased blood pressure and strain on your heart.

  • With this being said, the other Clenbuterol administration protocol is different because of the higher dosages, which means that the cycle length should be shorter. A common Clenbuterol administration protocol for such high dosages is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off on this compound. But another positive effect of shorter cycles is that it prevents your body from getting used to this compound, therefore, you would respond better on Clenbuterol on a new further cycle.

If you’re a beginner, start very slowly with 1 tablet a day. Increase the dosage only if you can feel that you would tolerate more. Do not increase dosage if you have side effects – the higher the dosage of Clenbuterol – the worst the side effects would get.

In Conclusion Clenbuterol Review

Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) is a very popular compound that is used all around the world from simple gym goers to big stars and celebrities because it was proven to be an extremely effective fat burning agent.

However, Clen also may be very dangerous if not used properly. That’s why is extremely important for customers to learn how to use it first. It becomes super effective fat loss drug when used properly, and dangerous if abused.

Also, is important to make sure that you’re allowed to use Clenbuterol in terms of health. People with blood pressure, heart issues are most susceptible of not being allowed to use Clenbuterol. That’s why is always a good idea to check your health before using Clenbuterol to make sure that your blood pressure is in a normal range and your heart is in good condition.

  • For making Clen even more effective and get maximum possible results, is very important to have a clean and good diet alongside with regular exercise. Clenbuterol (Clenbutaxyl) won’t work by swallowing pills and watching TV all day long. But eating healthy and regular cardio with proper rest is what would work – Clen is just added to this cycle in order to get even better, faster and more results.

Remember that Clenbuterol is a powerful stimulant, that’s why you shouldn’t think of it as something that can be treated lightly. In order to get maximum results, learn how to use Clen properly alongside with the earlier mentioned lifestyle changes.

Also, very important is to get a real Clenbuterol compound. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes, that’s why you should find a good source of this product to make it effective. We recommend our source selling Clenbutaxyl with active substance Clenbuterol of high quality. In the same time, you save money. Hence you buy Clenbuterol for sale.

You can find a lot of different benefits that Clenbuterol is offering when used properly but the biggest results are in terms of enhanced fat loss as well as increasing the chances of getting a leaner body because of less fat and more muscle definition that you get as a result.

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