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Anavar containing Oxandrolone is a very famous and popular anabolic steroid because is efficient and safer in terms of side effects compared to other steroids. This compound is considered milder than other products and in order to make it maximum efficient, a lot of people search for Anavar stacks. In fact, any professional bodybuilder is going to recommend a steroid stack because this way, steroids would work better.

What is a steroid stack?

A stack is a combination of multiple products (often anabolic steroids) that are administered concomitantly during a cycle. Therefore, lots of people seem to wonder: what should I stack and how to properly stack them? And another common question is: what mixture is going to work best with a specific steroid to get the best results?

Before we answer those questions, we’ve got to mention that you may find Anavar containing Oxandrolone being sold as Oxandroxyl manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Both Anavar and Oxandroxyl offer same high quality Oxandrolone, but Kalpa offers it for a cheaper price. The reason why we still call it Anavar here, is because this is the first brand and most popular one, many people might be familiar with Anavar instead of Oxandrolone. Oxandroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Is pretty obvious that Oxandroxyl – Anavar stacks is a very common thing taken in consideration that this is a very versatile, universal and famous steroid that is used both by men and women, both in bulking and cutting cycles and is both efficient and pretty safe.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer the above questions that easily because it highly depends on various different factors. It depends on your goals, health condition, lifestyle and so on and so forth.

Same goes for Oxandroxyl (Anavar) stacks that will be very different from one another depending on same factors such as the gender of the individual, the purpose of cycling with Oxandroxyl Anavar stacks (either for bulking or for cutting) as well as other things too.

In most cases, Oxandrolone is stacked in cutting cycles because this anabolic steroid is not as efficient for bulking cycles, nonetheless, if stacked properly, Anavar can really help with that need too.

If you’re interested in Anavar stacks with other steroids, is best to look at it in a cutting cycle if you’re a man, yet it can be used with big help in general for a woman, because women are responding differently. Nonetheless, the results are still pretty similar and that’s why both men and women can use Anavar – Oxandroxyl for both needs.

Anavar Stacks for Men

As it was earlier mentioned, Oxandroxyl Anavar stacking during bulking cycle is not the most common stack because is not as efficient as other options. Instead, Oxandrolone used during cutting cycles when individuals needs to reduce body fat and retain lean muscle mass is extremely helpful. Is highly recommended to use a testosterone base steroid for maintaining testosterone levels high.

  • In fact, testosterone is the base for most cycles and that’s because anabolic steroids tend to suppress the natural testosterone production – that’s a testosterone base compound would work wonders.

Using Oxandroxyl alone is not as efficient when stacking with Testosterone during a cutting cycle. But there are various other options that can be added as a third steroid during this stack for those who search for huge results:


Anavar Stacks for Women

Anavar – Oxandroxyl is the most famous and widely used anabolic steroid among women. That’s because whilst Oxandrolone remains pretty safe for their bodies (unlike other steroids), adding Oxandroxyl Anavar stack at any time for any cycle – bulking or cutting, the compound would be extremely efficient.

Many women use Oxandroxyl alone and they are still receiving mind blowing results. Yet Anavar stacks are offering even more results because performance boosters combined with this compound are just insane.

Is generally recommended for women to use Oxandroxyl Anavar (Oxandrolone) solo when using it for the first time. This way, you would make sure that the compound is working well for you and your body is handling with its effects well.

Female athletes going for Oxandroxyl Anavar stacks should have some experience with the compound and usually, other performance enhancers added during the administration of Oxandrolone among women for working very well include:


Anavar Cycle and Dosage

Anavar – Oxandroxyl stacks are usually anywhere between 4-8 weeks. Is not recommended to use it for longer periods.

  • Beginner women should stop at 4 weeks with 6 weeks being maximum. Most men stop at 6 weeks, but 8 weeks is maximum.

Whilst the administration of other steroids may be longer, don’t run Oxandroxyl for any longer.

  • Anavar dosage for men falls in the range of 30 – 100 mg per day with 50 mg daily being the sweet spot and 30 mg for beginners and 100 mg for professionals.
  • Anavar dosage for women falls in the range of 5-20 mg a day with 10-15 mg daily the sweet spot for women and 5 mg is for beginners whilst 20 mg for only those who can tolerate such a high dose.

Oxandroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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