Anavar 50mg

Anavar containing Oxandrolone as the active ingredient is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that was created many years ago in 1960s in an attempt to help patients suffering from different health conditions such as osteoporosis, muscle wasting diseases, HIV and AIDS suffering patients and so on and so forth.

The compound is capable to promote weight gain after losing weight from infections, trauma, accidents, surgery etc. but is also helpful for losing weight – in people who are overweight and need to lose body fat.

Anavar 50mg is capable to do so because is a powerful steroid which is allowing the user to grow lean muscle tissue in the time that is burning body fat and gets rid of excess body fat. As a result, Anavar 50mg tends to help users to reach and maintain a normal body weight, either you’re overweight or underweight.

Plus to that, Anavar – Oxandrolone does a great job in maintaining your bones healthy. All of this occurs because Anavar is binding to the androgen receptors – the receptors that are mostly found in muscles and in your skeletal system. When Anavar binds to them, makes them more susceptible to grow, more healthy, and less susceptible to get broken and to osteoporosis or muscle loss (even during low calorie diet).

That’s why Anavar is very often used by patients suffering from osteoporosis, but is a super popular anabolic steroid among those who want it for physique and performance enhancement purposes, for cutting cycles when individual needs to have a low calorie diet to lose body fat and maintain muscles.

Anavar aids fat loss processes whilst saves your muscles from being destroyed.

Anavar is great for men and women too. Anavar is the best known and widely used steroid among women who need steroids for physique and performance enhancement. But is also amazing for men, regardless a beginners or a professional.

Since it grows muscles and burns fat, the compound is both used in cutting and bulking cycles too, although is considered to be best for cutting.

This is all due to its high safe profile. Other steroids are considered way more dangerous than Anavar. And that’s regardless about which side effects we are talking about:

Anavar 50mg Side Effects

  • Hepatotoxicity – liver toxic
  • Cholesterol negative effects
  • May offer cardiovascular (heart related) issues
  • HPTA suppression – as all other steroids, natural testosterone is less produced
  • Androgen related side effects. Although very low androgenic activity, small chances are still there.
  • Virilization (masculinization) for women is possible too, although compared to other steroids is much less likely.

Anavar 50mg benefits:

  • Is doing a great job in decreasing total body fat (including visceral fat)
  • Boosts protein synthesis
  • Boosts nitrogen retention
  • Huge increase in muscles abilities, growth, function and strength
  • Makes you more powerful and more muscular
  • Binds to SHBG

Anavar 50mg tablets

Is important to mention that Anavar 50 mg is the highest dosage that Anavar tablets are containing. The real Oxandrolone dosage is no less than about 46-48 mg per tablet, yet there are tablets where a 50 mg would contain 52-53 mg.

Anavar – Oxandrolone tablets also can be found in 10 mg per pill strength, 20 mg per pill strength, 25 mg per pill strength and maybe others.

Anavar strength per tablets can be different depending on multiple factors, yet higher doses than 50 mg per tablet are pointless.

Is also important to mention that an Anavar 50mg tablet would obviously be more expensive than Anavar 10mg tablet. When buying Anavar, make sure to pay attention to this detail.

Other than that, we’ve noticed a lot of competitors selling steroids offering Anavar 50mg but a true dosage per tablet is 25mg. Often they are offering a mixture of Anavar with cheaper products like for example Winstrol (Stanozolol). This way they try to maintain high effectiveness of tablets but save money.

That’s something we won’t ever try to do and we try to warn you into making sure what you buy is exactly what you’re going to receive. Anavar prices are pretty high, that’s why is so important to make sure that if you buy Anavar 50mg pill to receive Oxandrolone no less than 45 mg per pill. Often, our products offer Oxandrolone up to 55 mg per pill.

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