25 mg of Anadrol Is Going to Work Well?

We all dream about getting a muscular body that’s all ripped and super aesthetic good looking. However, we’ve all learned one lesson – achieving such a body type is definitely nothing easy. You could regularly go to gym for months or maybe even years and yet, you’re still not where you wanted to be.

This is the main reason why there are guys who start using anabolic steroids and when talking about getting a perfectly muscular body, they often resort to bulking steroids. Anadrol is the prime example of a bulking steroid that can make you jacked.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals manufactures Anadrol by name Anadroxyl, both are the exact same compounds regardless of the brand name offering Oxymetholone.

Anabolic steroids are your best friends when you want to be jacked, and that’s especially if you’re having weak genetics and/ or want to reach the muscular body type really fast or you want to reach new limits after you’ve plateaued from new gains, yet you still don’t look as muscular as you wish.

These are the main reasons why anabolic steroids step in the game and a lot of people know that spending your time in the gym (efficiently) is often not enough.

The reason why we pay more attention to Anadrol today is because this is considered one of the best orally active steroids that you can find for growing muscle mass and strength. In fact, there are not too many steroids that could match the potency and abilities of Anadrol when talking about packing on lean muscle mass.


You may have higher chances that you heard about Dianabol (Dbol) because is a more popular bulking steroid. Nonetheless, Anadrol is more powerful bulking compound. Anadrol is definitely in the same category as Dianabol when comes about packing on size, and in fact, Anadrol is even better and more powerful.

The reason why Dianabol is more famous is because is thought to be less dangerous with less side effects than Anadrol. That’s why, if you are serious about gains – Anadrol is your best bet, but you should watch out for the side effects and that’s by having a proper administration. Usually – that’s starting with a low dosage.

25 mg of Anadrol – that’s what most people start with and that’s the dosage that many people ask questions about.

Anadrol is easy considered one of the most powerful androgenic and anabolic steroids (AAS) that were ever made, you need to use it carefully, but that’s an extremely effective compound for boosting your muscle mass and strength. So, if you’re into a serious bulk – Anadrol.

However, I need to warn you – despite the fact that Anadrol is without any questions an extremely powerful steroid that is capable to give crazy results – this is not a magical compound. Anadrol (the active substance Oxymetholone) is an orally active steroid meaning that it comes in form of pills, so expecting that swallowing some pills doing nothing would offer huge gains – that’s a big mistake.

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Oxymetholone (Anadrol) is going to boost your gains and growth process, is going to help you reach new limits, but is definitely not an alternative or substitute for your regular working out regimen as well as dieting. No steroids can replace your workout and diet, but they should all be done together in order to receive great results.

That’s why, for receiving best results on Anadrol you need to follow the following rules:

  • Your workouts must be very intense and regular
  • Your need to have a proper diet with calorie surplus (but health – without junk food)
  • Your administration protocol should be on point (dosage and cycle length)

You can find a lot of information about how to properly work out exactly as about how you should be dieting. These questions can be easily answered by your gym trainer too. However, people may struggle finding a good answer to the third point – administration protocol and more specifically – the Anadrol dosage.

By administering too little Anadrol you won’t be making gains, or at least those that you expect, but on the other hand, by taking too much Anadrol and you’re going to regret that you’ve ever touched this steroid.

More specifically, we would check the 25 mg dose of Anadrol and share some light upon whether or not this is a good Anadrol dosage to use.

Anadrol Dosages

Anadrol (the active substance is Oxymetholone, but Anadrol is the first and most famous brand name of this steroid, however, Anadroxyl is of the exact same quality, but less in price) is available both in form of pills and injection. However, the oral Anadrol as tablets is by far the most famous and widely used form of the steroid, so we would pay attention to this type of Anadrol.

Tablets of Anadrol usually come in strength of 25 mg or 50 mg, but there are less popular versions too. Usually, users of Anadrol tend to gain as much as possible since this is a hardcore steroid, that’s why the 50 mg version is more popular – it obviously would offer more than 25 mg. That’s why, 50 mg pill is more available.

Nonetheless, the fact that 50 mg is more popular, more effective and offers faster results, it doesn’t automatically means that 50 mg is the best dose. It might be the best, but mainly for those people who have used anabolic steroids in the past, and they already have experience specifically with Anadrol.

Therefore, the standard dosage of 50 mg a day is more for professionals, but the dosage of 25 mg a day is standard for beginners, that’s because this is safer to use it.

In case you are not able to tolerate the 25 mg a day, then there’s a chance that you would require a milder compound, like for example testosterone.

Is 25 mg of Anadrol a Good Dosage?

First off, we cannot say that any dosage of any steroid is a good dosage. Anabolic steroids are likely to damage your health at any dosage and plus, it depends what do you mean a “good dosage”.

For example, 50 mg of Anadrol is going to be a better dosage than 25 mg in terms of gains. As 100 mg would be better than 50 mg. But on the other hand, Anadrol 25 mg is going to be much safer than 50 mg or especially 100 mg.

That’s why, a “good dosage” is the one that is considered mild in terms of side effects (or none at all) and effective in terms of benefits. That’s why, you need to find the perfect balance.

For someone, the perfect balance is 25 mg, others can’t tolerate even such a dosage (as said, you would require other compounds), but there are other people who finds that their perfect balance is 50 mg or even 100 mg.

It all depends on many different factors to determine which is the perfect balanced dosage for you of Anadrol. Your size, gender, age, tolerance, knowledge, experience with the compound and various others factors are playing an extremely important role in determining whether a dosage is good or not.

When coming to steroids, experienced bodybuilders already know that is very important to start with a compound slow and steady. All steroids are damaging your health, as said, they are all toxic. That’s why, you should allow your body to become accustomed to it. That’s by slowly introducing it to your body with a low dosage.

With time, you may up your dosage (if you feel you need more and can tolerate more), but a high dosage with an unknown compound in the beginning might shock your body and offer negative side effects. That’s something extremely important when talking about all anabolic steroids, but especially when it comes to powerful anabolic steroids like Anadrol (Oxymetholone).

The dosage of 25 mg a day of Anadrol does seem to help you achieve a perfectly delicate balance in terms of making gains and not offering side effects. That’s because this is considered quite a small dosage which, when introduced to the body, it won’t shock it offering toxic effects. However, in the same time, the 25 mg is still considered an effective dosage good enough for offering great results when the steroid would be used for cycle length of 4-6 weeks.


According to some studies done on this steroid, it seems like administering a dosage higher than 50 mg a day of Anadrol would have a negative impact on your appetite and cravings by reducing them. While it may sounds good for those who want to go through cutting cycle, people searching for Anadrol are actually searching for bulking up and that’s why, they wouldn’t want to reduce their appetite.

Eating more calories a day is what users of Anadrol need because this is the only way to boost the muscle growth process. That’s another thing (except for various other negative side effects) when talking about the anabolic steroid dosages and especially about Anadrol (Oxymetholone).

While not everyone would get the side effect of negative influencing your appetite with dosages higher than 50 mg a day, the 25 mg a day of Anadrol won’t have an impact at all. That’s why you’re going to be able to eat normally, to get the good amount of proteins and calories that you need in order to stimulate the new muscle growth. Therefore, we can definitely say that the 25 mg of Anadrol is a very good dosage.

What’s the best dosage – 25 mg or 50 mg of Anadrol?

As earlier mentioned, the dosage highly depends on what exactly you want to achieve and also on how fast you want to achieve all of that. But there are other factors that come at play such as your personal tolerance to the compound, whether or not you add other steroids, your knowledge on steroids at all, personal diet and workout regime and other factors.

That’s why, deciding if 25 mg or 50 mg a day of Anadrol – Anadroxyl is the best for you, you need to take in consideration various different factors too. In case you’re searching for participating in a bodybuilding competition that’s a few weeks ahead then with a 50 mg dosage you’re going to do much better. However, on the other hand, you may not do very well with such a dosage in terms of side effects because as said – it highly depends on various different factors.

Nonetheless, if you’re new to Anadrol or especially to steroids at all and you want to get a ripped and aesthetic body that’s not going to offer the “pumped” muscles looking like a mass monster as you only want to get a decent amount of muscles whilst looking good, then in such a case we would mostly recommend you to go for a lower dosage of 25 mg a day.

With this dosage you’re going to look leaner and more aesthetic, you are not going to carrying a lot of water retention as you would on 50 mg and that’s why, although you’re not going to get as big, you would look leaner – and that’s exactly what many people search for.

Conclusion About 25 mg Anadrol

Despite the fact that 50 mg Anadrol is the most popular dosage for this steroid, we can say with certitude that 25 mg a day of Anadrol is still going to work amazingly well. In fact, Anadrol got nicknamed A50 because most pills of Anadrol come as 50 mg.

  • We recommend to try a lower dosage of 25 mg which we’re quite sure you would love, unless you’re an absolute professional in steroids and you’re looking forward for becoming an absolute mass monster – in which case you would require a higher dosage.

The active substance of Oxymetholone found in Anadrol is considered a very powerful steroid and that’s the reason why 25 mg a day of Anadrol is going to work very well for growing muscle mass, giving you an aesthetic body look without too much water retention and keeping you away from many other side effects.

In fact, 25 mg of Anadrol is known for greatly minimizing the damage that this steroid is capable to offer to your organs like for example to your liver and to your heart, in the same time, it remains highly effective too.


With a higher dosage you’re going through a higher risk of negative side effects and putting a price on your health, that’s why you may try to start with a lower dosage and that way you could do more frequent cycles too as you would require less time to recover from each cycle. As a result – you are still going to get mind blowing results, you just need more time, but you risk much less with your health.

Also, also by thinking that this dosage isn’t going to be good enough for having great gains – that’s going to be a huge mistake. By administering 25 mg of Anadrol for a cycle length of only 4 weeks (which is considered a low dosage and short cycle) then users are still capable to add about 15 pounds. That’s especially in case that’s the first time you’re using this steroid. But it also very much depends on various other factors such as your diet, workout and others.

Nonetheless – we still think that this is quite a good amount of gains from a single cycle. You could then faster recover from a cycle and do another one with some more gains. Taken in consideration that you don’t get too much water retention – most of it is lean and pure muscles that won’t disappear and are permanent.

In the end, remember that anabolic steroids can actually be used in a relatively safe manner, it all depends on how exactly you plan using them. There are various steroids (including Anadrol) that are prescribed to patients suffering from various health conditions by doctors. However, usually, in order to make the steroid beneficial and use it safely, that indicates a short term administration of steroids and a moderate dosage.


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Nonetheless, pretty much like any other steroid or medication in existence, by abusing Anadrol and overdosing on it, is most likely going to lead to a life threatening result, or at least extremely bad side effects – once again, pretty much as with anything else.

With this being said, we are pretty sure that you should allow your body to get used to the steroid, as your body needs to get used to anything else. The dosage of 25 mg a day is going to be great allowing your body to adjust and get used to the Anadrol’s effects and that’s the dosage we recommend to start with.

In the time that many people searching for even bigger results would increase the dosage, many might find that 25 mg is everything they need for good amount of gains, without side effects and staying healthy.

IMPORTANT! The first thing that you need to do is to notice how exactly your body is reacting to the smaller dosages and then you should start working from there by slowly increasing the dosage. That rule applies to pretty much any other stuff that you’re intending to put in your body, but that’s especially true about powerful compounds like Anadrol.

The best thing that you can do is to check your health before using the steroid, and then regularly monitoring it in the time that you are running Anadrol. That’s going to make sure that you’re healthy and the steroid doesn’t affect your numbers too much. You may ask your doctor for help with this.

NOTE! As with any other steroid or powerful compounds, starting with a lower dosage – you’re starting with a safer method. By going for 25 mg of Anadrol you would greatly reduce the potential side effects. Despite the fact that you may be reducing a bit from its effectiveness, you greatly reduce the side effects risks, frequency and intensity.

Other than that, this way you would be much more likely able to tolerate a combination with other steroids together. Is much safer and better to stack 2 steroids in low dosages than one steroid in higher dosage. They would work together in synergy to offer you even bigger gains, but they won’t offer side effects, unlike cycling a single steroid in huge dosages.

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